21 Disneyworld tips for you

We all have a child within us. And that child loves Disney. And that child who loves Disney want to share adventures with their own children, grandchildren, nieces, etc. It can bleed your cashflow, so here some tips for you to optimise those hard-earned money when you visit Disneyworld.

15 Travel apps you can’t do without

In this world of instant information, apps are something we use to get what we need while on the go. I am a member of a travel group on Facebook and there I asked people what travel apps they can’t do without. There are so many answers but here are 15 of them that came…

Travel Tips April 2019

I will be writing a set of travel tips per month.  Some of them come from suggestions from others.  While some are from my experience when traveling. Here are my travel tips for this month: