12 Ways to Do Breakfast Around the World

Italian breakfast

The International Wakeup Roundup – 12 Ways to do Breakfast around the World

Breakfast is perceived to be the most important meal of the day by most. It’s got to have all the energy to get you through your day, and it’s got to have the right kicker to shake the sleepiness out of you. Your local dietician would probably disagree with this and insist that all the other meals are just as important as Breakfast. Also, your local dietician has surely never heard of many of these amazing breakfasts. All of which hold their own flavorful kickers which would deliciously excite you out of your sleepiness.

 1.  India – South Indian Thali

India Breakfast

As Gordon Ramsey had discovered in this travels in India, the Indians love to have savory dishes for breakfast – just as much as any of the other meal of the day. Breakfasts in India may vary, depending on the region.

A traditional South-Indian vegetarian meal is called a Thali. Thalis (direct translation: “dish” or “plate”) is a combined serving of “mini-dishes”. Thalis are meant to offer a specific flavor in each mini-dish (sourness, bitterness, saltiness, sweetness, etc) so you can expect quite an exciting adventure through the flavor spectrum. Thalis are not strictly a breakfast meal, but they’re prefect for just that.

One of the most common Thalis would include a Masala Dosa in the middle of the plate as the main dish. Masala Dosa is a dish containing potatoes cooked in spices (basically, Indian Mashed Potatoes) very loosely wrapped within the most perfectly (and delightfully oversized) crispy thin rice/lentil Dosa. You may fold the Dosa over the Masala (Potatoes), and eat it with a spoon while mixing various other mini-dishes into it to suit your tastebuds. The mini-dishes that accompany a Masala Dosa are called Sambars which are red, white, and green in color, as they all hold their own type of flavor.

To wash it all down, nothing beats a classic cup of sweet and strong Indian chai (tea). Nothing beats a spicy dish and tea in the morning for a good shake up after the wakeup.

 2.  Philippines – Tapsilog, And-more-silog

Tapsilog, Breakfast, Philippines

There isn’t really a fixed menu for Filipino breakfast choices. This is because most prefer to have everything leftover from dinner along with fried rice and fried egg. Hence, the Filipino pun for breakfast meals *insert main viand prefix*-silog.

The “si” in silog is short for sinangag, which is Filipino for Garlic Fried Rice. While, “log” is the shortened term for itlog, meaning Egg. So it’s only a breakfast if there’s fried rice and egg involved, for most Filipinos.

One of the most popular silog dishes is Tapsilog. The “tap” comes from Tapa, a fried beef dish which is first marinated overnight in a sweet, tangy soy sauce & vinegar marinade. The dish is served with vinegar to accompany the dry beef as an additional kick.

Other silog meals include: Tosilog, which features Tocino, a sweet cured pork dish which is fried; Longsilog, from Longganisa, a sweet Filipino sausage; Daingsilog, served with Daing, your regular Filipino dried fish; Chicksilog, featuring regular fried chicken; and many other variants have popped up over time.

 3.  England – Full English

English breakfast

A classic fully-loaded English breakfast is guaranteed to put you in a food coma so it’s only recommended on weekends, but if you definitely need all the energy you can get then, by all means, have it every morning.

The classic English Breakfast features beans in tomato sauce, toast, sausage, English bacon, blood sausage (or Blood Pudding, as the English call it), and fried/sautéed veggies like tomatoes, mushrooms, and hash browns; oh and as if there wasn’t enough protein already, there’s eggs as well.

The density of it all is what makes the English Breakfast so filling. The combination of meaty goodness, along with fried veggies makes your first meal of the day so seriously important that the other things can wait.

 4.  America – Bacon & Eggs…& Pancakes

American Breakfast

The American Breakfast is quite similar to the English, but there’s one crucial component that makes this arguably better – pancakes.

Whether you’re having pancakes with your bacon and eggs of having it by itself, this sweet breakfast delight ensures a sugar high of positivity for the grueling day ahead. Not only is the mind set for the day, so is the body as an American Breakfast features eggs, toast, various fried veggies, and the notorious American bacon. To wash all this goodness down is more healthy goodness and a kick as most American Breakfasts are served with Orange Juice AND coffee. You’d think the flavors would clash, but they don’t. They even wash each other down without any bad aftertastes.

On another note with regards to pancakes: take your game to another level – opt for Waffles!

 5.  Arabic Breakfast

Arabic Breakfast

Arabic Breakfasts are light and refreshing. The Middle East is a vast region with differing tastes in each but some similar flavors and dishes can be found throughout. As Arab breakfasts aim for simplicity and lightness, there aren’t a lot of heavy flavors involved, and the dishes served are similar in many regions.

The most common dishes served during breakfast are: Hummus (a thick, zesty chickpea dip), Falafel (a deep-fried veggie meatball), freshly cut veggies (tomatoes, olives, cucumber, etc.), and Kaboos (thick Arabic pita bread). Sometimes beans in spicy tomato sauce is served too, a dish called Ful Medames. You also wouldn’t go wrong with having a few fried eggs to get your protein fix. You can wash this down with pure Arabic tea, another refreshing treat that’s served in a tiny cup.

Arabic Breakfasts are made to be light but just enough to get the tummy satisfied. There’s not a lot of protein but the intake is just enough to get a rested body ready for work.

6.  Japan – Tamagoyaki & Natto


Japanese breakfasts are balanced in terms of both flavor and nutrition. A full-on breakfast would include steamed sticky rice, tofu, miso soup, Tamagoyaki, and Natto.

Tamagoyaki could be had as a breakfast meal by itself. It is basically a scrambled egg that’s rolled up. It is cooked in a specially made square-shaped Japanese frying pan. Natto, on the other hand, is for the adventurous foodie as it is a dish made from cultured beans. And the cultured nature of it can be easily seen in its unappetizing stringiness and its bitter taste gives it away too. Despite this, it is quite a favorite among many.

 7.  China – Congee


The Chinese have, among many other breakfast options, a rich and filling rice porridge that trumps the rest for a kickstarter.

Made of rice, boiled until soft; beef, chicken or pork strips; ginger, mushrooms; and topped with fresh spring onion and a raw egg, ready for a mix-in. The raw egg gets distributed and cooks in the heat of the congee when it’s served.

The Congee is an exceptionally perfect meal for cold mornings as the heat of the dish helps warm the body up. The flavour of the ginger in the congee is refreshing and the liquid content makes this meal a two-for-one as it doesn’t require a drink to wash it down.

 8.  Mexico – Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros

Like the Indians, the Mexicans love a savory breakfast as well.

Huevos Rancheros, is a dish made of fried eggs over fried corn tortillas topped with a spicy Jalapeno and Tomato Salsa, along with refried beans. As with most authentic Mexican food, the flavor is comforting, despite the spicy kick. On most mornings, comfort and a kick is just what we need to get going.

To wash this goodness down, you can opt for a Champurrado. A thick corn flour and chocolate drink.

 9.  Italy – Coffee is all the Colazione you need


The Italian word for breakfast is Colazione, and Colazione is almost all in the Coffee. The Italians know full well that the only thing that really gets you up in the morning is fantastically strong Coffee. And let’s be honest here, on a workday all you really need is a concentrated dose of caffeine.

So that’s what they specialize in. All these fancy names for basic hot favorites like Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Macchiato, and, of course, Espresso come from Italy! Italy isn’t the birthplace of coffee, but the Italians are definitely Coffee connoisseurs and innovators.

For breakfast, Italians love a cup of pure Espresso or Cappuccino; any of the hot classics, really. Frappuccinos? Fo’get about it. A hot drink warms the body up for a gruelling day ahead, and you can never go wrong by pairing it with some of the many delicious light pastries that Italians love: Cornetto (Italian version of the French croissants), Crostata (fruit tarts), and even straight up doughnuts (which are known as Ciambella in Italy).

 10.  Israel – Shakshuka


The Shakshuka is a dish that can be found in various parts of the Middle East. Though none other country if more proud of it than Israel.

It’s a one-pot, straightforward dish that involves poaching eggs in a spiced tomato sauce. The tanginess of the tomatoes when seasoned nicely, and the silky smoothness of the poached egg flowing into the saucy spiced goodness makes this a mouth-watering dish that deserves more than a single helping.

Fresh Israeli salads and breads also accompany Shakshukas for breakfast. They’re all washed down with fresh fruit juices and coffee.

 11.  Thailand – Tom Luad Moo

Thai Breakfast, Tom Luad Moo

Ahaan Chow is the phrase to use when looking for breakfast in Thailand. Among the many delectable selections for a hearty Ahaan Chow is Tom Luad Moo.

Tom Luad Moo is a popular breakfast order in Thailand that features pork innards (lungs, intestine, liver, etc), boiled in a near-tasteless and clear soup along with another bizarre addition: pork blood.

The pork blood is boiled until the right level of coagulation occurs and then it is added to the soup when served. The blood does not mix in with the soup as it has almost solidified, it presents itself distinctly along with its other pork counterparts in a shallow bowl filled with clear soup. The dish is usually served with rice.

 12.  Pakistan – Queema Paratha

Keema Paratha

Breakfast, or Nashta as the Pakistanis would call it, is savory and meaty.

Queema or Keema, is a spiced minced beef dish that is served usually for breakfast, along with Paratha, a thick flat bread; or Roti, a dry and thin flat bread that resembles an oversized and overtoasted tortilla. Parathas are a more suitable accompaniment to the hearty Keema as Parathas tend to be somewhat sweet, a characteristic which complements the spicy meat dish. In addition to this, Parathas can also be stuffed with potatoes and this variant is called Aloo Paratha.

All this heavy heat can be washed down with a cold and refreshing yogurt drink called Lassi.


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