13 Restaurants with a Great View

restaurants with view Bhutan

Would you like a sunset or a breathtaking view with your sumptuous and world-class gourmet cuisine? That is just possible with restaurants with a great view. These restaurants from around the world are fully loaded with the most panoramic surroundings and the best-tasting dishes and trademark cuisines that are uniquely enhanced with culture and expertise for the best experience your palate could ever have.

Explore the greatest restaurants with a view and see how you can quench your hunger and cravings, not just for the best food but scenic spots that could fill your eyes and imagination to the brink. Here are 12 of the best restaurants that offer great food and the most panoramic backdrop:

Alila Jabal Akhdar Resort and Restaurant, Oman 

Plot No.4 Al Roose Jabal Al Akhdar, Nizwa, Oman

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Jebel, Akhdar Oman
A two-hour drive from Muscat, in the rocky contours of Oman’s Al-Hajar Mountains, is Jebel Akhdar, an area beloved for its astounding views, craggy wadis, and natural terraces. Come spring, a blanket of velvety pink damask rose blossoms shroud the hills with their romantic scent. From these blossoms, distillers produce soothing rosewater potions that are used in both spa treatments and cocktail menus. To best experience Jebel Akhdar, head to the recently opened Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar. The magnificent property is giving the region’s reigning boutique hotel, the Alila Jabal Akhdar, a run for its money. While both promise canyon-view infinity pools and post-hike pampering treatments, the Anantara’s splashy suites, six restaurants, and amenities (like a cliff-side private meal), are unbeatable. —


Strofi Athenian Restaurant (Athens, Greece)

Rovertou Galli,Athens,11742 25, Athina 117 42, Hellas

restaurants with a view Athens, Strofi

Strofi restaurant takes pride in its historic location overlooking the world-famous Parthenon. There are mid-ware buildings all around as the Grecian venue for gastronomic adventure sets its pillars in the holy rock of the renowned Acropolis in 1975. Strofi is one of the most authentic historical restaurants in Athens, offering traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisines.

There are numerous menu courses to choose from including the famous pita bread grilled, cold appetizers such as the octopus in oregano and olive oil, marinade red peppers in garlic and olive oil, and yogurt with garlic and cucumber. Main dishes include lamb wraps or roasted lamb, veal stew in vegetables and gruyere cheese, and pork fillet with sun-dried tomatoes and grilled potatoes.


Hotel Edelweiss (Mürren, Switzerland)

3825 Lauterbrunnen, Sveits

restaurants with a view switzerland, Murren

Sitting on a sun terrace, this Swiss hotel overlooks the big 3 of the famous Swiss Alps namely the Mönch, Eiger, and Jungfrau summits. The breathtaking views surrounding the restaurant in the bosom of the Bernese Oberland is located in a 3-star hotel that is the perfect spot that boasts not only of the mountain scenery but a venue closest to the hiking trails and ski slopes.

The garden terrace restaurant takes pride in its wide range of culinary offerings from the appetizers to the main entrée to the sumptuous and sweet desserts. There are also beers and wines offered and inclusive in the restaurant’s seasonally inspired menu list.


Rossellini’s Restaurant /Palazzo Avino  (Ravello, Italy)

Parco Regionale dei Monti Lattari, Via S. Giovanni del Toro, 28, 84010 Ravello SA, Italia

Restaurants with a view Italy
Picture from Palazzo Avino Hotel

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the panoramic fishing villages around the area, the Rossellinis is at the Palazzo Avino Hotel, conveniently located in a medieval fishing village that’s on the coast of the famous Amalfi. The oceanic grandeur as the backdrop of the restaurant is enough to attract locals and tourists from around the world. It offers a laidback and romantic scenery especially when the sun is setting, giving you a splendid view like that in the paintings.

The 2-star Michelin Italian restaurant is known for its signature regional wine and a wide range of authentic and delectable Italian cuisine. There are myriads of choices in the menu from a-la-carte dishes to gourmet meals.


Torre d’ Alta Mar (Barcelona, Spain)

Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 88, 08039 Barcelona, Spania

Restaurants with a view Barcelona

This world-class restaurant is for those who are looking for an aerial rendezvous as the location is 75 meters above ground, high up on a tower of an old port cable. The breathtaking view includes the 360-degree scenery of the famous Port Vell and the Mediterranean Sea. Since the tower was originally created as a replica of vintage Barcelona, specifically for the 1929 Barcelona Universal Exhibition, the vintage ambiance is but an additional treat.

On top of the wine carte, the restaurant also offers gourmet lunch and dinner with the signature Spanish-inspired dishes and cuisines. Mediterranean cuisine is the highlight of the restaurant with the likes of octopus salad, duck foie gras, and wild sea bass in its must-try menu.

Gourmet lunch and dinner menus include gilthead tartar, trout caviar, and baby calamari with ham, artichoke, and asparagus stuffing.


Le Jules Verne (Paris, France)

Eifelltårnet, Eiffel Tower, Avenue Gustave Eiffel, 75000 Paris

restaurants with a view Paris
Picture from Alan Ducasse Restaurants

You are sitting 125 meters above the ground when you are on the second floor of this world-class French restaurant. Overlooking the beautiful City of Lights, you have a first-class ticket to the scenic backdrops of Paris, basically because you are inside the Eiffel Tower. The heart of this world-famous tower is just the perfect venue for romance and the place where you can have an unobstructed view of the lights and magic that are absolutely the Parisian signature.

Enjoy the modern French cuisine with a classic taste and dashed with a contemporary flair that shows the excellent regionally sourced produce, set on your table for a delectable meal. You can choose from 5 or 6-course journeys with fish or meat options. The famous menu experience includes macaroni gratins a la truffle noire, foie gras de canard poele, and vollaille jaune en demi-deuil. On top of the dishes, the wines are equally popular and highly recommended, along with the food pairings that let you experience the perfect blend of world-class wine and cuisine.


Casa Palopo (Lake Atitlan, Guatemala)

Carretera a San Antonio Palopó km 6.8, San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala

restaurants with a view

The restaurant sits on the shores of the famous Guatemalan Lake Atitlan and located in the Casa Palopo luxury hotel. See the eye-catching views in front of you as the restaurant overlooks Atitlan, Toliman, and San Pedro Volcanos. It is the romantic sunset back to back with the panoramic backdrop of nature that makes this location a romantic and tranquil setting.

The menu includes famous and sought-after cuisines that only the Guatemalan chefs could offer including the filet Robalo. Racks of lamb garnished with date sauce and mint and the fresh cilantro sauce served on fresh grilled fish with yucca chips are just a few of the famous choices from the menu. There are also sandwiches available for lunch, all inclusive of chips of yucca, French fries, or small side salad. The best-selling choices include pesto chicken, sirloin steak, Palopo burger, Palopo sliders, and a chicken club.


Dasheene Restaurant (St. Lucia, West Indies)

Saint Lucia

restaurants with a view

The returned resort that sits in the heart of an old cocoa plantation is home to Dasheene Restaurant where guests overlook the renowned Caribbean Sea and the Pitons. The spectacular views are just one side of the package because the restaurant is also known for its award-winning cuisines. The perfect setting that offers access to the excellent view of the signature Piton Peaks twin volcanoes relaxes your soul and gives you a romantic rendezvous.

Traditional St. Lucian cuisines are given a stylish and contemporary interpretation with special emphasis on sustainable cooking from ingredients that are harvested fresh from the gardens. Caribbean lamb salad, coconut and sweet potato soup, and Cajun Creole vegetable bakes are just a few of the must-try dishes in the restaurant. Other favorites on their menu include the jerk poulet sausage and roast conch with vegetable pickles.


Milkla (Istanbul, Turkey)

The Marmara Pera Meşrutiyet Caddesi 15 34430, Beyoğlu, İstanbul, 34430, Tyrkia

restaurants with a view

Conveniently located on the rooftop floor of The Marmara Pera hotel, Milkla restaurant is a stylish, sleek, and urban venue for those who are seeking for a restaurant with a view. It offers a funky vintage style with the 50s and 70s chrome furniture and the rustic wooden rail sleepers bar. The scenic views of the Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia are your bonus treat apart from the delectable and authentic Turkish dishes. There is something grand and exotic in every nook and cranny in this restaurant that represents the authentic Turkish culture.

Milkla boasts of its Turkish-Scandinavian gourmet food inspired by the background of the restaurant owner and chef Mehmet Gurs. Some of the sought-after and sumptuous meals on their menu include the tahini ice cream and the North Aegean octopus. The restaurant carefully sources its ingredients from high-quality, fresh, and selected produce. The main menu offers Prix Fixe a la Carte, Mikla Tasting, and an exclusive array of wine list for food pairing of the world-class Anatolian kitchen.


Vertigo and Moon Bar (Bangkok, Thailand)

21/100 S Sathorn Rd, Yan Nawa, Khet Sathon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10120, Thailand

restaurants with a view Bangkok
Photo from Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok

The restaurant stays true to its name as the rooftop venue gives the guest a pleasant feeling of vertigo, reeling from the zenith of the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok. The open-air venue overlooks the heart of Thailand’s business hub along with the city skyline and river. You get a front view of the fantastic urban scenery that is uniquely Bangkok. The restaurant has transparent glass walls to give an unobstructed view of the city. This is the perfect venue if you are daring and fearless enough to be on the 67th floor.

The signature dishes from the restaurant include roasted snow fish, vertigo appetizer plate, tenderloin, and wagyu beef. Enjoy a taste of fresh flavors including the exotic handpicked fruits that are locally grown and selected. The culinary treats are even made better with the matching premium drinks including the classic vertigo beverage that’s inclusive of pineapple, lime juice, and cranberry blend.


Bukhari (Uma Paro, Bhutan)

Paro Valley, Paro 00000, Bhutan

restaurants with view Bhutan

Located in the luxury COMO hotel, the restaurant is the best venue if you want to view and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Paro Valley. See the lush and beautiful natural greenery while seated in your favorite table and enjoying the dramatic traditional Bhutanese fireplace as the centerpiece of the restaurant. The breathtaking natural backdrop is even enhanced with the help of the artistic and romantic ambiance of the place, making it a perfect dinner venue. There are genuine Bhutanese artwork and craftsmanship present in the ambiance of the restaurant from the furniture to other decorative pieces embellishing the restaurant.

Enjoy authentic Bhutanese cuisines with a mix of other international dishes made from the freshest locally sourced seasonal produce. The restaurant partners with local farmers to make sure that they have an abundance of vital and fresh ingredients all the time. The award-winning restaurant with a pavilion circular design is home to numerous renowned dishes from the fresh garden salad to the Bhutanese set of grilled chicken curry with mustard green and coriander.



North Male Atoll, Maldives

restaurants with view, Maldives

The restaurant in One & Only Reethi Rah on a Maldivian lagoon is overlooking the Laccadive Sea in the breathtaking and vast Indian Ocean. It is a remarkable visionary treat as your soak under the sun and you enjoy the fresh and rejuvenating scenery in this aquatic setting. The crystal blue sea and the remarkable sunset are just 2 of the best things you’ll ever experience. Guests can enjoy basking in the sun or enjoy the refreshing water before plunging into another gastronomic adventure with authentic Japanese menu.

The contemporary Japanese cuisine is one of the highlights of the restaurant with an oceanic view. The backdrop is made even better with the gastronomic adventure you will surely enjoy. The Japanese dishes have a modern twist along with the modern sake cocktails. There are lots of small plate dishes with selections of sashimi and sushi of the highest standards. The restaurant also offers exciting collections of Pinot Noirs and Rieslings for food pairing.


 Ayung Terrace (Sayan, Indonesia)

Sayan, Kedewatan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

restaurants with a view

Situated on the zenith of a gorge, Ayung Terrace is a restaurant that guarantees panoramic and breathtaking scenery of the famous Ayung River located just below. They are also an organic restaurant.  Nature cradles the venue with coconut trees, well-landscaped lawns, exotic plants, and Indonesian flowers abundantly surrounding the area. The outdoor terrace showcases the adjacent wine cellar and the dining rooms where you can have the privacy in a naturally revitalizing setting.

Ayung Terrace takes pride in its authentic Indonesian specialties including its Ubud-themed dinner and the delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. There are different unique specials every day with children’s meals also available. Examples of the Indonesian dishes from the restaurant include the boiled egg with peanut sauce for the appetizer and wok fried spinach with garlic and shallot sauce for the side dishes. Main courses include deep fried local duck, wok fried egg or rice noodle wit chicken, seafood, or vegetable, and grilled pork ribs.

Why choose an ordinary restaurant when you can actually enjoy a great gastronomic adventure with a fantastic, breathtaking view? To eat at restaurants with a great view is a feast for the soul and the palate.  There are numerous other spectacular and excellent restaurants to choose from all around the world. Enjoy different cuisines with the trademark of the respective restaurants and the country and culture they belong to. These amazing restaurants with a view are places you need to see and go to with the menus that would surely treat your palate in every serve.

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