5 Apps that can help you plan your trip better

Opera mini

I have these 5 applications (apps) to introduce to all of you that I believe can assist in making your travel even more of an enjoyable success.  I know there are thousands of apps available out there, but I limit the list to the best 5 that I have encountered.   I hope you get to use them and let me hear from you how it goes, or tell me if you have other apps which you think can be useful when traveling.

1)  Plugs of the World 

Plugs of the world

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We take time to plan our trip.  We check out several websites to get the best accommodations, the cheapest air fares, the ideal excursions, and anything or everything to make our dream trip a reality.  Then we reach our destination and find out that you should have checked what kind of plug the country uses. At the back of our minds we ask ourselves, “It is just a plug, why should I even bother checking it out?”  In this digital age where anyone and everyone would love to hear from you while you are away for your vacation, and not when you come home, staying connected is not just about the ability to reach you during emergencies, although that is a plus, it is being able to share online what your current activities are and what is on your mind.  You need to always have your gadgets fully charged.  You need power, and to do that you need to plug your gadgets every once in a while.

2)  Opera Mini Browser 

Opera mini

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When we are on holiday, we want to maximize our time and enjoy it.  The Opera Mini Browser has a built in ad-blocker if you do not want to use extra time reading ads. Each ad that pops up immediately downloads, therefore making you pay for unwanted data consumption.  No ads mean faster loading time and lesser cost for data.

Opera also compresses data so that you do not need to use much of your roaming resources.  That also makes it faster to download.  It is great especially when you are cruising or taking boat rides during your holiday.   Many places may also have a weak internet signal.  With Opera’s compressed data, you get lesser data than the actual pages do.  You get what you need.

The Opera Mini Browser shrinks the web content the data received to a fraction of its original size, that way you get all the video, photos and texts you normally would but eats up lesser data and loads much faster.  With this data savings, browsing can be done longer without the worry of going over your data consumption.  During travels, roaming data is easily conserved.

3)  iPhone Wallet

apple wallet

By default, this should already be on your iPhone.  You can download all your boarding passes, itineraries, hotel confirmations, bonus cards, and more.  I have seen some people take a picture of their electronic boarding cards.  No need to do that with iPhone wallet.  It actually took me a while to finally use it, but after using it once, I find it very helpful and useful, now I use it all the time.  It also makes planning for future trips something to look forward to.

Google had Google Wallet for android but you can only send payments to those living in the US.   You can check it out and/or download Google Wallet. 

4) Duolingo


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There are still some places where people cannot speak English.  Yes, English is the language most tourists speak.  Unless you are in South America then Spanish would be the lingua franca.  Anyway, it is great to try to communicate in the native language of the place you are visiting.  Duolingo makes learning another language fun.  They make it like you are playing and they use a lot of visuals.


5)  Citymapper 


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Some people use taxis, while some people prefer to use the public transport.  Think bus, subway, rail, ferry and other modes of public transport.   Citymapper saves you time and easy to use and its alsofun.  Prefer to ride a bike? It can suggest the best route for you, too.

However, coverage is limited.  As of this writing, it now covers the following cities:

USA/CANADA: New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal.
ASIA: Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo.
EUROPE: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels / Belgium, Amsterdam / Randstad, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Lisbon.
LATIN AMERICA: Mexico City, São Paulo.


A bonus for Norwegian travelers since I live in Norway:



Brilliant application for Norwegian travellers.  You can check your quota for cigarettes, alcohol and others.  If you prefer, you can also pre-pay customs while collecting your luggage.

Download for iOs 

Download for Android


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