7 Things About TravelMatch Your Boss Wants To Know

I will be attending the TravelMatch both as a teacher and as a travel professional.  For the first time in the school’s history, my tourism students will  be working at the TravelMatch 2017.  Some of them will be helping out at the Travel Fair (Reiselivsmesse) as well.   They are excited because the TravelMatch is a B2B event and they get to see how buyers and suppliers interact with each other.  I will also be representing Reiserådet which is primarily a travel blog and review site, but also works with small groups (both tours, events, incentives, and the like).  For Reiserådet, I am there as a senior travel agent and digital marketer.   In the evening, I will be attending a en event for Nordic Travel bloggers.  Really excited because this is the first time I get to be invited to such an event. Would be great to meet my fellow travel bloggers in Norway.

The project leader of Travel Match is Mr Arne Sundt-Bjerck.  I will be meeting him there and will write about that meeting in another article.

The Travel Match is an event owned by PATA Norway Chapter, Discover America Norway, Virke, and ANTOR Norway. 

My students will be bemanning the registrations, handing out ID’s, giving people directions, and interacting with both buyers and suppliers.

I have a full schedule and will be meeting the following:

09.30     Marion Mueller, Knights Tour Dubai 

09.50     Nils Askekjær, Qatar Airways

10.10     Gonzalo Peluffo, Aeroflot Russian Airlines

10.30     Carmella Storelli, Turom DMC Incoming Italy

10.50     Izabella Berry,  Mazurkas Travel

11.10     Michael Graepel, GTW Grimm Touristik Wetzlar GmbH

11.30     Vassilis Paskos, Mondial DMC

11.50     Adrienn Fekete Buddha-Bar Budapest Klotild Palace

12.10     Christian Gandolfi Melia Villaitana Alicante Spain

12.30     Hanna Johansson, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

12.50     Tyometeusz Skuza, Puro Hotels, Sp.z.o.

From these suppliers, I will try to make some itinerary suggestions for you which I will post on this blog a few days after the end of the travel fair.

After the TravelMatch, it would be Reiselivsmesse which is also in the same hall.  The reiselivsmesse is both B2B and for the general public.  And of course I will be writing about all the new and exciting destinations that is in store for us in 2017.


So what are seven things your boss wants to know?  Here is my list: 

Who were there?  

Attendees are a great way to check how the market is.  Are there new competitors?  Who merged with who during the previous years. Who “divorced” with whom.  Businesses who are passionate about their products are also active in attending such travel events.   If they are passionate about their business, then they are passionate about their clients and business partners.


What are their products

Some suppliers prefer to have niche products and cater to a smaller market.  For example, Northern Lights in Northern Norway.  The name itself implies that they focus on the Northern lights in the northern part of Norway.   Sometimes, we like to deal with suppliers (incoming agents) in a country who can supply us with most of what we need. It can be everything from hotel, local flights, transfer, excursions, restaurants, meeting rooms, etc.  It saves a lot of time and we are then able to give a quote to our clients right away.


Can we sell this? If yes, who do we sell to and how easy is it to book?

It would be hard to sell ski tours to Norwegians living in Norway.  Most can find their way to the slopes.  One has to know the product for sale and the market one works in.   With today’s technology, everything has to happen at the blink of an eye.   If a product is hard to book then the client may not be willing to wait for confirmation.   Easy to book means saving time, too and this means productive travel consultants /agents.


How much provision can we get and still keep competitive prices?

We are all in it to profit, but not at the expense of losing customers.  Our suppliers has to be able to give us good prices for us to be able to make exciting packages out of them, making happy customers and happy business owners.


Any new exciting itineraries?

There are always very creative itineraries that come up at these fairs.   Always a great place to get inspiration for new itineraries.


Any new exciting destinations?

This one is also important to know. Today’s traveler is a world traveler who has been to several trips and is on the constant lookout for new destinations to discover.


What new digital technologies were presented and which we can use?

We are in 2017.  Digital is very crucial to succeeding in this industry and watching out for new technology helps companies stay in the forefront.  Keeps clients happy as well.

If you are based in Norway, you may want to read about my blog about exciting new products for the Norwegian market.

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