A compilation of who I am, where I have been, some suggested itineraries and  how to contact me.  My name is Maria Corazon Maglasang.  I was born in the Philippines, have lived in Thailand, the USA and now a citizen of Norway for more than a third of my life.  The main focus of this blog is travel.  My current work is Project Manager for meetings and events.   Based on my experiences, I write about some great ideas or some suggestions for group tours, generation tours, incentive tours, and the like.   Having been a travel agent before my current work, some of my posts can be about  itineraries for first-time travelers, and some for the well-travelled.  As a tourism teacher, it can be posts about budget student travel, what we do in the classroom or topics that are nice to know about being a teacher.    As a rescue diver (since 1997), it can be places where I enjoyed diving and upcoming places where I will be diving or snorkelling.  I love digital media and keep myself updated in this field.   When I write about digital media, it will be travel-related.  There will also be some other work-related stuff.  I hope to inspire those adventurous 50-year-olds who never stop exploring, those who love food, those who love diving, and those who just enjoy life to the fullest.

Thanks to Anne Nordhagen for this picture.

If you need help with, groups, events, and meetings, please reach out to HRG, an American Express Global Business Travel company.

All articles and opinions in this blog are entirely my own.

I have been to several countries and have stopped counting at country number 80.  Here are some of them:

Europe: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, England, Spain, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Vatican City, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Croatia.

Asia: Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Macau, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Maldives

Middle East Asia: United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar

Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion, Morocco

North & South America: Brazil, United States of America, Canada, Mexico

Carribean: Cuba, Bahamas

Oceania: Fiji, Vanuatu

This blog is not yet finished and I took a break for several months, but I am putting it live now to get feedbacks.  I have been to more than 80 countries and hundreds of cities.  It will take time for me to write about all of them, but I will do my best.  Would love to hear comments, suggestions, recommendations.

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All opinions, suggestions, recommendations and reviews are all mine and do not necessarily reflect those of the company I work for or the institutions I am connected to.

If an article is a sponsored one, I will write that it is a sponsored content.   For this one, I may have been invited by a hotel or restaurant or a destination to try out their product.  When I will write about my experience, it will be an unbiased one but based on my professional opinion.  If the experience was not good, I will write the reasons why it is not good and what you can do to improve your experience.  Any questions?  Send me an e-mail.