Advantages of traveling solo

Solo Travel

Advantages of Travelling solo

Solo Travel

Having someone else to travel with is nothing short but an amazing feeling, mainly because you get to share the views, the food and the overall experience your trip has to offer with that person. Besides, it means the world to have a company especially when you’re travelling to a place you have never been to before. However, there comes a time when you feel that the world can be so much more breath-taking if you are viewing it in solitude, if you’re treading its roads of dirt hearing only the footsteps of your soul.

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It is not necessarily bad to feel the need to travel alone. In fact, every person should be urged to do so at least once in their lifetime. While it feels superb to share a special trip and new experiences with company of friends, a partner, or family, it is a compelling case for solo travel from time to time. In my many years of travel, I have found out that once you step out there and actually do it, you might just find yourself addicted and wanting to do it more often.

solo travel
Making new friends while traveling alone.

While you satiate yourself with the urge to travel, you may soon find out that there are benefits that can be reaped from doing so. It does not only give your eyes new sights to see, it actually goes deeper, it enhances your personality, how you build relationships, your outlook and life in general.

So travel in depths with me as I list down my 10 advantages of travelling alone.

  1. You get out of your Comfort Zone

 solo travel

It is a given that you will get to have new experiences when you travel alone for the first time. These experiences will actually help you grow individually, and will make you realize that you can be so much better than before with regards to your self confidence and trust. At the same time, when you put in a mindset of not just surviving alone, you actually thrive from it, your trip will be magnificently life-changing.

Most of our day-to-day experience is limited to an expected pattern of activities, places, people, and things. Pushing beyond our norm reveals that the world is far more wonderful and unexpected than we can imagine.

And as the cliché tells so clearly:

“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”


  1. Simpler Logistics, More Fun

One primary factor every person who lives and breathes to travel is that good logistics equals a happy trip. Logistics encompasses budgeting for lodgings, transportation and activities. If you have tried arranging a travel trip for you and your family, you might have experienced the hardships of having to play around the budget with their preferences, as well as yours. This big challenge can be laid off when you travel alone. Why? It is because you only have to account for yourself. Solo Travel

The same arduous task exists when you try to coordinate a trip with another busy person who you are supposed to go with mainly because their time restrictions play a big factor on the itinerary. The usual thing that can aid this is planning months before the actual trip, but if you find yourself wanting to travel now, no one is stopping you from doing so. In fact, if and when you do decide to go solo, you will find yourself free from the clutches of anyone else’s wants. You are able to do the things that you actually want to do.

You can camp out under the stars if you want, appreciate street food, walk, trek, zip line your way to the other side of the mountain. Do you and be you. Do whatever and be whatever.


  1. You enhance your Decision Making Skills

Solo Travel

The fact is that your decision making skills are improved when you are the only one making it yourself. In my personal experience as a young traveller, more often my parents do the decision making for me. When I actually started travelling alone, I found that being independent is so much reliant on the way you decide on things.

The decision making skills come into play when you’re looking for a place to stay in your trip, the food you’re going to eat as well as the activities that you will do. One simple case is that if you’re an adventure-seeker, but your companions are not, it would be very hard to do the things that you want given that your company does not enjoy the things you would. If you travel alone however, everything is entirely up to you.

One reality in travelling is that most things do not go as planned. As much as you would want to follow your itinerary, there are times when problems could come up. This is where you need to look at your options and choose the best one. When you actually have confidence and a developed decision making skill, then every option is a good option.


  1. You get to relax for yourself

Travelling with company is relaxing on its own. Just think of how truly relaxing it would be if you’re just doing it alone- minus the noise, other’s opinion and the drama. Since you get to choose everything according to your reference, your mind is calm knowing that you’re going on this trip just for you. And it means the whole world for your soul.

Solo Travel

Trying out solo travels can bring about a sense of relaxation on a whole new level. This is because you get to slide on the roller coaster of life, the uncertainties and the possibilities, all in solitude. Just imagine lying down in the soft grass gazing at the stars in complete silence. Try to visualize yourself standing atop the mountain you’ve just conquered while breathing in the winds of isolation. This is only possible when you get to travel alone.


If you somehow find food relaxing, which many of us do, then you get to eat according to your choice when you do your travels alone. Bite on that exotic food that your mother would not want you to have, nibble on that fresh meat that you just caught in the seas. You might just find yourself not only relaxed, but truly and genuinely fulfilled.


  1. You get to meet new people

As you go on your solo travels, the more obvious thing that will happen is that you get to meet new and interesting people. Travelling with family or friends can get give you good vibes all along your trip, but knowing some people along the way can give you the grandest of feelings.

Solo Travel

If you’re a sociable person, the more reason for you do solo travels. The wonders of meeting new people is more than just social, it reaps benefits for your mental outlook in life. Getting to know some of the locals who lived in the area you’re travelling to can give you an in-depth view of the place you’re travelling to, a history that can only be revealed through genuine conversations.

Another thing you can cherish during your solo travels is that you can meet fellow travellers along the way. This is one of the best things for me personally, because I have met many people who share the same passion for travelling like I do. Many of them I have encountered in my few other trips. While you get to share experiences with them, you will also get to have tips and ideas on where to travel next. You might have just found your next travel buddy!


  1. It’s Liberating and Empowering

If you are just starting out or just thinking of travelling alone, hear me when I say this: It can liberate your mind. The simple logic behind this is from the fact that solo trips can bring out the best in you since you are licensed to be selfish. Most of the times, we are taught to compromise for our family and friends. We are encouraged to be the bigger person in times they have their opinions which may not necessarily agree with ours. When you go to trips in solitude, you get to embrace your selfishness for once and feel the freedom that you so desperately desire.

Solo Travel

Getting to do what you really want liberates you from other’s expectations and desires. The trip revolves around pleasing yourself, for your own betterment. You get to acquire experiences that you may not get when you do travels with company. And most importantly, you get to be recharged on the compromise when you go back to the real world.

Going on a journey alone can also help you become empowered mainly because you depend on yourself. You will start finding things about you that you may not have had a chance to see when you travel with other people. As a person with many experiences in travelling, I can assure you that these things, the small quirks you find out about you will help a lot when it is time to face the real world where there are challenges in careers, financial responsibilities, relationships and personal development.

If you are alone and you want to meet other people, then the most probable way to do that is for you have to take initiative. The reality is that if you don’t start conversations with other travelers or locals you will probably end up being alone all the time. Solo travel forces you to get rid of your barriers and start talking to people you have never met before. This is actually a good thing. You become more confident about yourself, at the same time learning how to communicate effectively given the hindrance of different languages. In the end, this will empower you to be efficient in expressing your views to other people, as well as a mindset of firm self-assurance.


  1. You will have a New Perspective in Life

Solo Travel

Travelling to new places alone can make you feel a little more refreshed mentally and enthralled physically. This is due to the fact that you are exposed to new views, therefore new feelings and grander emotions. Furthermore, this will lead to you into realizing some essential matters at hand, that any circumstance can be understood in a more different, lighter perspective. What you get from travelling alone is a notch higher.

In fact, when you do your travels alone, you get a sense of belonging with nature, culture and the people that live in it. You become aware of the existence of a magnificent power that has shaped all of this, and relating it to yourself will produce a more overlooking person that can handle any problem that is thrown his or her way. This brand new perspective in life is something that will be embedded on you when you actually go through the hustle and bustle of studies, work and relationships.

Self-discovery is one of the best things that can be reaped from journeying into places. Traveling alone, with no distractions, will enable you to really see the world around you and make you realize what you take for granted. Firsthand experience in another area of the country or world will open your eyes to the disparities between groups of people. Along with increasing your compassion for others, your self-compassion may also improve.


  1. Cross out some things on your Bucket List

Another brilliant benefit of doing travels alone is that you get to have a chance to cross out some things off from your bucket list. Personally, my bucket list is full of things that I really want to do even once that will help me truly enjoy the marvels this life offers. In doing so alone, travelling can give you the freedom to do the things that you really want to do.

Solo Travel

Our main hindrance is that other people may see the things listed on our bucket lists as a ‘big no-no’. This is most true for us people who have very outgoing personalities because most of the time, our activities are not as thrilling without that risk factor. Travelling alone can give you the opportunities to do just that mainly because you have all the freedom in the world, following the itinerary that suits you perfectly. Feel free to camp out in the summits and meet the sunrise. Dive in the depths of the ocean in your bikini. You are the captain of your ship.

The mental effects of crossing out things on your bucket list are actually staggering. In fact, when you do the things that really excite you even just once; you have a higher sense of fulfillment in life. You tend to outgrow your current personality and push forward to make for a better you. This also gives you a revitalized persona that will keep you working harder for your studies, career or relationship building. You might just realize that at the end, you may need a new list!


  1. You will Appreciate the Present

Many of us tend to just backtrack in the past to look at our mistakes, hoping to change them. Sometimes, we also feel like we should just project ourselves in the future where we hope that we are better than what we are. With this, we fail to realize that the present is the most important time there is. The fact is, we can’t live in the past or the future. The now should be number one priority. Doing solo travels can provide a pathway to fully grasp a hold of time.

Solo Travel

When you live in the moment, you tend to become a person that is appreciative of the surroundings and be more sensitive of feelings and emotions. You will feel that the world has much more meaning and your life is blessed with many things. This generation presents to us that when you don’t look back in the past, we will make mistakes. And if we don’t look out for the future, we will fail. There is nothing wrong with doing all those things. But if that means that we don’t appreciate the present, then we are not living at all. While we strive to make up for our wrongs from the past, and have a better future ahead, we should first stand firm in the present.

In my own travels, I have found solace in seeing culture in many cities. It feels soothing to by old buildings that rise above me, trying to fully understand how and why it is there. If you do your travels alone, you will get a better sense of time and comprehend its value. Besides, when you are at your office, sitting at your desk, the tendency is for time to just drift away. It is time for something new. When you travel alone, your sun is your alarm clock and the city lights are your lullabies. Be in the moment.

  1. You will live a life that’s worth telling

Unfortunately, your travels will always have an ending. The ultimatum of your solo travels is that you will have to get back to reality and face all the challenges that you left when you went away. This is not necessarily bad. In fact, I personally think that this is the most wonderful part of it all. Why is that? It is because you will now have a chance to put all the things you’ve learned into action, all the while reliving your solo moments.

Solo Travel

After you get back, you will now have a chance to tell other people the stories you’ve heard, events you have encountered, activities you have done, the people you’ve met and the food you’ve eaten. You are empowered with a liberated ideal that you can do the things that you want alone, and express your views with much confidence and charisma with a brand new perspective as a foundation. You get to share to your friends and family how you crossed many things from your bucket lists, how it came to be, and what is next for you.

Tell them how you camped in the summit of the mountains, the stars being your night light. And in the next morning, show them how the sun woke you up. Reenact the way you swam in the deep blue sea only with your bikini. The life of a traveller is always an amazing story to tell, but the story of a person who came back, brand new after travelling is an even better novel.


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