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I got an invite from the The National Institute of Tourism Promotion of Argentina.  It will be  held today, Thursday, January 12 at the Radisson Blu Plaza in Oslo.  Basing on their e-mail, the event is organised by Comunicacion Iberoamerica. 



Thank you for the invite,  María José García.  He is the Directora General de Cuentas, Comunicación Iberoamericana.

The presentation was made by Daniel Kusebauch
The arrangement was graced by the presence of Embajador Sra. Mónica L. Dinucci

In the travel industry, we still do a lot of face-to-face marketing, but not to the end users.  We travel around different countries and present our products to people we hope would sell them.  As a travel professional, we have to always be on the lookout for new products, new destinations, new suppliers, etc.  We have to keep ourselves updated to what is out there.

That is why I love attending such events.  Not only do I hear updated information about Argentina, but I get to reconfirm what I already know and enhance it with what is new.

If I ask some strangers what they know about Argentina, I am guessing both Iguassu Falls, Messi, Argentinian beef and tango will be answers to a lot of them.  Perhaps that can be your incentive to travel there? To experience the mighty Iguassu Falls,  learn more about Messi’s country, to learn how to dance the very passionate (and difficult!) Tango, to eat good Argentinian beef right at the source.


Just a short introduction to Argentina.  This is located in South America and is the second biggest country there.  Its size and geography gives it variable climates and natural resources.  It claims sovereignty over Antarctica that is why a lot of southern polar explorers start their expeditions here.   It is nestled between the Andes mountains to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south.


Iguassu Falls 

I am a water-lover and like to visit sun and beach, waterfalls, take boat trips, dive into oceans, have fun at Aquaparks.  On my bucket list is to be able to visit Iguassu Falls.  You can actually see the falls both on the Brazil side or the Argentinian side.   I did not get the chance to see it when I visited Brazil.  Is is the largest waterfall systems in the world, with 275 individual drops.  I can imagine what a jaw-dropping experience it is be able to see it.


Lionel Messi

I have watched Messi play football live only once, but am a huge fan of this super athlete.   He is one of those who really showed that talent can take you places, specially if you nurture it.   He trains to be better even though he is already very good.  You don’t get to be the best just by sitting.   Would you like to see the country he was born and raised in?


Argentina Beef

How did Argentinian beef get popular?  And they stay popular because the meat is so good.  Think about getting a good portion of Argentinian beef right at the source.  Not just beef, but they have good meat products in general.



This very romantic dance originated in Buenos Aires in Argentina.  It is both sensual, vibrant, playful and strong at the same time.  It is also referred to as a mating dance by some.  You can learn the basics of Tango right in Buenos Aires.

I will be updating this post right after I have been to their presentation.   I am looking forward to it.  From what I learn at this event, I will also make some recommended itineraries.   Watch out for it.

Thanks for dropping by.


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