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Austrian Air
Austrian Airlines


Austrian Airlines is a commercial airline with its hub in Vienna. A member of the Star Alliance. If you have a Eurobonus card, then you can use that to earn points on Austrian flights.

There are four classes on board:

Economy Light - no free luggage, no seating. The most restrictive fare. I travelled on this fare for this particular trip.

Economy Classic - Free check-in luggage of maximum 23 kilos per person, free seating. Changes against a fee.

Economy Flex - Free check-in luggage allowance of 23 kilos per person, free seating. Changes allowed.


I took the early morning flight from Oslo til Vienna (Embraer) and onwards from Vienna to Split (Airbus A320).

The equipment

Austrian Airlines


Per May of 2017, Austrian has 80 aircraft.  For their long-haul flights, they use 5 Boeing 777's and 6 Boeing 767's.  For their short and medium-haul flight, they have 6 Airbus A 321's, 18 Airbus A 320's, 7 Airbus A 319's, 13 Embraer 195's, 4 Fokker 100's, 3 Fokker 70's, and 18 Bombardier Q400's.   Please note that the free wifi is only from A320 and over. 

We used an Embraer from Oslo to Vienna and the seating is 2+2.  This means that you either have a window or an aisle seat. It is a smaller plane and you may have to put your hand carry luggage in front of you if the flight is full.  Opt instead to check-in your luggage especially in the high-season.  

From Oslo to Split, Austrian Air used and Airbus 320 with a 3+3 configuration on board.  Wider seats and better place on the overhead bins.  The business class is still just a curtain away.  

On Board

Austrian airlines

On economy and short flights within Europe, you can choose between salted or sweet snacks.  I chose salted.  For drinks, you can choose from coffee/tea, water and some juices.  They also have beer and wine on board. 

Wifi is available only for Airbus planes, A320 and above.  From Oslo to Vienna, we used an Embraer so there is no wifi on board.  When bringing your own headset, make sure you do not use the wireless option.  It is not allowed to use wireless headsets that use bluetooth. 

You can have a hand carry luggage with maximum 8 kilos plus a small purse.  Otherwise, you can also purchase extra luggage.  The price depends on your type of airfare and your destination.   I had a low-fare ticket from Oslo to Split and I paid NOK 130 per way for a check-in luggage with maximum 23 kilos. 



Austrian Air

Austrian has two departures from Oslo Gardermoen which connects to a lot of other flights to the rest of the world.  The first flight leaves Oslo Gardermoen at 06.45 arriving Vienna at 09.10. The second flight leaves Oslo Gardermoen at 13.55 and arriving Vienna at 16.20.   The first flight is perfect if Vienna is your final destination or if you have a connecting flight later on in the day. 

Austrian has a bonus program called Miles & More, but if you are based in Norway and have Eurobonus, then you do not need to enrol.  Just use your Eurobonus card for all your Star Alliance Flights.   

With My Austrian Holidays, you can also add services and other products on your flight tickets.   You can rent a car, add luggage, book sports equipment, reserve seats, plus more.  My favourite is the e-journals.  A very environmentally-friendly way to give out reading materials. You can download up to five newspapers and/or magazines on your tablet. 

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