Autumn weekend in Riga

Old Town Riga

Autumn is usually a busy time for travelers who want to take short breaks.  In Europe, we tend to find places with the most direct and shortest travel time because we want to make the most of our weekends.   The first weekend in November 2018, I found myself in Riga.  This is my second trip here.  The first one was about 8 years ago and a lot of things have changed since then.  Read on if you want to know more about my trip.

Radisson Latvija, Riga
The Radisson Blu Latvija as seen from near the Old Town of Riga

Since I am a person who loves water, I usually make the lake, river, fjord, og any body of water my point of reference.   I stayed at Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel.  This is a gem of a hotel which is located less than 1000 meters from the Daugava River.  When I arrive at a hotel, the first I check is if I have a view.  This is just what I did, and what a view!  From my room,  I can see all the tourist attractions Riga has to offer.  The hotel was smart because they placed a map by the window showing what I can see and a short description of it.   The next thing I do when I arrive at my room is have a drink and relax a bit. Radisson had a whole welcome basket with dried fruits, a bottle of red wine, a selection of tea and coffee, and bottled water.  To top that, a personal message of welcome from the manager.  In addition, a sampler and an invitation to try their famous spa, ESPA.  I love warm welcomes like this. 

Radisson Latvija
A personalized welcome from the hotel.

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