Bahamas. A playground for grown-ups.

My hubby and I went to the Bahamas after spending a week in Florida.  We took a short flight from Miami to Nassau and was fetched by a lady with a colourful personality who drove a very gray van.  A charming conversationalist, she made us easily forget the traffic we had to go through.   Bahamas is on the itinerary of several cruise ships so a lot of tourists also come for a day tour on this beautiful Carribean island.  They have a beautiful Marina which makes it easy for boat/yacht owners to drop by and spend a day or more on the island.  There are several wonderful hotels to stay in and at different price levels.  For me the important thing is that the hotel is located by the beach.

The Atlantis Hotel, Bahamas

The Atlantis Hotel  is a huge complex with different hotel accommodations that can satisfy a range of budgets.  Its characteristic architecture is exactly the same as its twin hotel The Atlantis Dubai.  I have seen both and stayed at both, and I don’t know why, but I prefer the one in Bahamas better.

You can choose to stay at the Royal tower, Beach tower, Coral tower, The Reef Atlantis, The Cove Atlantis, and the Harborside Resort.  Whatever you choose, you can also choose from standard rooms to suites.  I stayed at a suite on the Coral towers.  You have access to all the facilities in all the areas whichever room you stay in.

There are also several restaurants on site, both indoors and outdoors.  We tried several of them and they are all good.  They even have a Starbucks on site, right before you go to the Marina.

One of the smaller yachts we saw at the Marina

The Atlantis Hotel  is a huge complex with different hotel accommodations that can satisfy a range of budgets.  The Marina, however, is a good indication of the type of budgets most people who stay here have.  They have gigantic yachts which I am sure have very good cabins, but they moor their yachts here and then stay at the most expensive suites at the Atlantis Hotel.

Aquaventure Waterpark

When I say this place is a playground for grownups, it is mainly this Aquaventure Waterpark I am talking about.  As guests staying at the hotel, we had access to this playground.  I am a water person and love everything that has to do about the ocean.  But this park is man-made and had everything you can think of a waterpark must have.   There are 20 swimming areas and it is over 141 acres.   There are water slides and river rides and  everything in between.   If you are staying at another hotel, you can buy a day pass to experience the waterpark, something I really recommend if you enjoy water activities.

Diving at The Atlantis

The Atlantis Hotel offers two-tank, half day dives for certified divers.   You can see everything from fishes to corals to sharks.   You can see reefs, and walls and wrecks.  If you wish, you can also take diving lessons here.

The beaches of Bahamas

When you are done playing, you can spend some lazy days in three different beaches which is connected to the Atlantis Hotel: Cove Beach, Paradise Lagoon, and Atlantis Beach.  If you have heard of the swimming pigs of Bahamas, you may want to head off to the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay.  There are several stories as to how these pigs came to Big Major Cay considering that this island is uninhabited.  But they are there and love the place.


You have to of course find time to see the island.  The place is full of colorful structures like the government building above.   I love history so I like to read up on a country’s history.   Bahamas is a young independent country, having gotten its independence only in 1973.  By then it had been a British colony for 325 years.  You see a lot of British influence all over the place.

Eating downtown

Eating at the Atlantis is great.   However, when visiting a place, I try to eat locally as well.  You can see the sense of humor they have in the Bahamas by looking at the signs they put on their door.  Hippies are welcome, but you have to use the backdoor.

Atlantis Bahamas Casino 

The Atlantis Bahamas

Some people come here for the sole purpose of visiting the casino.  My purpose was for sun and sand so my stay at the casino was limited to just having my picture taken by the entrance.

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