Barcelona: Polychromatic Cityscape with Old World Charm

An introspective travel piece on the author’s experience in Barcelona, Spain.

I have failed my Spanish professors back in university; what Spanish I learned in those two semesters have obliterated. I am unable to utter even the staple guidebook phrases, let alone carry a conversation.

Nevertheless, bags in tow, I moseyed into futbòl land with excitement. The locals’ rich and flowy manner of speaking reminiscent of our audio guides in Spanish I.

Barcelona is such a picturesque city. However, most photo ops require a steady hand with a panoramic view camera to sweep the horizon or an artist’s eye to capture Catalan charm at the perfect angle. The several flights of stairs and uphill slopes to trek are a fair price to pay for the scenic landscapes Barcelona offers.

This city is Gaudi territory, hence it would be a crime to visit Barcelona without paying homage to Gaudi’s church and magnum opus, La Sagrada Familia, and his architectural obra maestra, Park Guell. Both gradiose works of art are splendid, awe inspiring, and truly at the heart of Catalan culture.

Vibrant pops of color are everywhere in Barcelona, from iridescent street lights to their succulent cuisine. She boasts of proud modern structures against the backdrop of an old-fashioned, classic metropolis.

Barcelonans know not to be slaves to time. Moving at their own pace, eating whenever they please, hardly any hands and eyes glued to their smartphones, smooth flowing traffic. These Catalans ought to teach us a thing or two about nonchalance.

After a full day of exploring, we visited Jazz Si Club, a jazz bar nestled within the pockets of Barcelona’s inner side streets. Nothing like the soul-soothing syncopation of improviso jazz to end a hectic day, watered down with a refreshing glass of cava.


Adios for now, Barcelona. I’ll be back, hungry for more adventure, and with more than a “vamos a comer” in my vocabulary.

A guest blog piece by Michu Maglasang.

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