Travel tips from the man of steal

James Freedman, man of steal

It is irritating to lose something, be it money, jewelry, gadget or just about anything, hard-earned or otherwise, especially when you are on a holiday. You look forward to enjoying your trip, eating at some good restaurants, buying some souvenirs, then you realise you have lost something, what a hassle.  More annoying though if it is the money intended for this specific trip.


Watch as the man of 'steal' pickpockets CNN"s Richard Quest.
Watch as the man of ‘steal’ pickpockets CNN”s Richard Quest.

Watch this video from the man of steal, James Freedman, as he pickpockets Richard Quest of CNN.

For a professional, we see how easy it is for James Freedman to get valuables and even the tie of Richard Quest.


Pickpocket while on tour

In hindsight, we should be careful of pickpockets not just when we are travelling, but also when we are on our way to and from work, taking public the transporta walking by the neighborhood, and practically everywhere.

At the end of the day, life is more valuable.  If you are faced with a situation wherein you choose between the possibility of losing your wallet or being hurt or killed, then give it up, give everything up.  Your life is worth more besides, what you lose you can earn or get back one way or another, so Take care and be kind to someone today.


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