Diving 101 – the basics

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I love diving.  I got my rescue diver license in 1997 and have been diving ever since in a lot of places. Diving is a risk sport so most insurance companies do not include coverage for diving incidents.  Should you therefore proceed to diving, there are things that you have to do and be aware of.   An educated diver is a safe diver.  Diving with a group?  Feel free to request for a quote. 

The following basic information is for the leisure diver.  If you want to dive professionally, your PADI school can help you.


This is the first thing you have to do.   I got my license from PADI.  They are the world’s largest network of diving teachers and schools.  Prices are relative.   If your life depended on your knowledge of diving, then the price is worth it.  You may want to opt for the Discover Scuba Diving.


Once you get your license, continue to dive whenever you can.  You get to be better with your buoyancy and with checking your gears.


Sun is out, water is calm.  It is a great day for diving.  What can go wrong?  Never, ever dive without a diving buddy.  Even on seemingly perfect days, one can encounter strong under currents, you might not notice that you are going deeper or that you are that you suddenly have tunnel vision.


When you go diving, you get to see a lot of marine fishes, corals, invertebrates, sharks, and others.  It would be nice to be able to share to others what you have seen by name.  These are plastic cards with pictures of the marine creatures.  You can write on them with a lead pencil when you are under water.

Below are pictures of fish and coral ID cards sold by Oceanic Dive Center.


You trust your knowledge and your gears with your life and you want to know they will function at all times.  Having your own diving gear is like a well-loved shoe.  It gets comfortable with time.  Due to today’s luggage restrictions and also the cost of buying your own gear, you can opt to buy (minimum) your own mask, snorkle and fins.  Make sure you try your mask before buying.  The fist has to be perfect.  Focus on that and not on how fancy it is nor how nice the colours are.   It is a quesion of course on how often you will be diving.  There are a lot of good dive centres around the world where you can rent diving gear.

From here on, just enjoy diving, dive as much as you can and learn more of the underwater world.  I hope you get to enjoy diving as much as I do.  Would love to hear from you about your diving trip.  Drop me a line.

Planning to go diving with a group?  You can send me a request for a quote. 

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