Get spellbound with Lofoten

As part of my work as a travel agent, I do get to check places out to see how they are.  We want to be able to match the right products to the right clients.  So we visit different destinations, eat in restaurants, try out the excursions, check out the surroundings.  This is what got me to Lofoten for the first time.  As a lot of others before me, I left spellbound.

Lofoten as seen on board Hurtigruten 

Rein Lofoten

There are several ways to get to Lofoten.  If you are arriving Norway from Oslo, you can take a flight to Lofoten (you land at Svolvær).   If you want a more scenic route, you can take a train from Oslo to Bodø.  Then a ferry from Bodø to Lofoten.  Another way is by taking the Coastal Cruise (Hurtigruten).  Are you a group (minimum 10 adults) and can’t decide? Request for a quote and we’ll figure it out.

Lofoten is a popular place to hold meetings, conferences and other events.  If you are planning to have an event here, plan ahead of time as it can be full right away.

In my case, I took a flight to Bodø, took the Hurtigruten to Svolvær, stayed two nights here, then took the flight back to Oslo.  I had a trip that was from Bodø to Tromsø and a few hours stop in Lofoten.  That trip you can do for a combination conference / team-building trip.  Read about it here. 

Getting off the Hurtigruten, you are immediately in the town’s square which is surrounded by eating places.  Several hotels are also located here if you prefer to stay in one.



I stayed in a rorbu.  In the olden days, these were fishermen cabins.  A lot of them have since been upgraded into cabins that can compare to hotel accommodations.   Most of them are also located by the fjord with a wall of dried fish outside.  I thought it was going to smell inside the cottage but it did not.


Lofoten Church

This is the wooden Buksnes church of Gravdal on the Lofoten Island of Vestvågøy.  This church was built in the dragon style. It had been destroyed several times, and the structure you see today was from 1905.


Lofotr Viking Museum 


Interested in learning about Vikings?  When they constructing the museum, they came upon the ruins of a house from the Viking times and it was excavated and expounded further.   You will see in its original size.  It turned out to be the biggest Viking house ever excavated, 83 meters long.

Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis, Aurora, Northern Lights.  This natural phenomenon has different names, but most visitors call her the Northern Lights.  It is a sight to behold, but it can never be predicted if you will see it.  Check out my article about apps that can help you have a successful trip in Norway.   One of those apps is actually for checking the probability of seeing the Northern Lights.


Picture by Andreas Wolden, Innovation Norway

If you enjoy hiking, then there are countless trails for you in Lofoten.  One of your rewards is a fantastic view of the beach in Lofoten.  The three best beaches in Lofoten are:  Kvalvika (the easiest to reach), Bunes Beach (needs a ferry ride from Reine and about one to walk), and Horseid Beach (ferry plus several hours of hiking).   The one on the picture is Kvalvika beach as seen on top of the 500 meter high Ryten mountain.



Picture by Tomasz Furmanek /

For water lovers like me, you can padle your own kayak at Refsvika in Lofoten.  They have kayaks for one person and they also have kayaks for two persons.  You will just keep on padling in awe as the beautiful scenery unfolds itself in front of you.


Rib boat tour to Trollfjord

If you like speed and magic, then you should definitely try this.  Whether you are taking the rib boat just around Lofoten or straight to Trollfjord, this excursion leaves you breathless.   The Trollfjord is as it name implies leave you spell bounded by its beauty.   Not to worry even when it is a bit chilly.  They have warm jackets and gloves and caps included in your tour.

Lofoten has a lot to offer whether you are coming here on a private holiday or for your meetings, incentive tours, group tours, seminars, etc.  If you are a group planning to hold an event or meeting here, please feel free to request for a quote. 

When it comes to accommodations, there are great hotels here where you can also hold your meetings/conferences.



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