Great Vineyards Outside Europe

Vineyards outside Europe

Vineyards are almost always associated with Europe but contemporary winemaking leads you to more expounded and diversified directions around the world. In the recent years, more and more amazing vineyards have been cultivated and now flourished outside Europe and it is a welcomed trend among wine enthusiasts. Now you can think of vineyards and wine and potentially think of other places and locations.

Check out the latest and fast-becoming frontrunners in the field of winemaking and vineyard cultivation in general.

1  Aythaya Vineyard (Taunggyi, Southern Shan States, Myanmar)

Shan State Myanmar
Architecture in Shan State Myanmar

Located in the village of Aythaya in Taunggyi and the capital of Shan State, this vineyard is basically known as the first ever vineyard in Myanmar. The factors that made this remarkable vineyard an excellent source of world-class wine include its strategic and ideal location that is in close proximity to the popular Inle Lake. The vineyard location showcases the exceptional terrain, the ambient temperature, and the calcareous soil. There are no excessive rainfalls in Aythaya and the 1,200m altitude is just perfect for wine production.

The vineyard has become a popular tourists destination especially for travelers and wine connoisseurs who want to discover more about wine in this part of the world, Aythaya’s terroirs, grape varieties, and grape harvesting.  I have been here and had a wine tasting session.   Will be writing about my trip to Myanmar in a separate blog article. 

Aythaya Wine Samples

Aythaya Vineyard Myanmar

As a fast-growing vineyard and winemaker in Myanmar and the world, Aythaya proudly introduces its famous wine samples:

  • Aythaya Red Wine

The red wine is available in 375 ml and 750 ml and made from 3 distinct grape varieties namely Shiraz (80%), Tempranillo (10%), and Dornfelder (10%). It is mostly known for its dark ruby color with a decent wood aroma and fruity typical note.

  • Aythaya White Wine

Made from 80% of Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Chenin Blanc grape varieties, the white wine has a mellow fructose blend with elegant acid structure in fruity aromas. The yellow color of the wine along with its green reflexes makes it an interesting choice on top of its pleasant and fresh after-taste.

  • Aythaya Rosé

The combination of 90% Shiraz and 10% Red Muscat makes this wine a winning treat for wine enthusiasts. It has an elegant Salmon color with a typical Shiraz aroma combined with the fruity freshness and hint of a bouquet of roses.

How to get here: 

From Heho Airport in He Hoe, Myanmar (Burma), the Aythaya Vineyard can be reached when you take the Airport Road and head 2.0 km south then turn left and continue for another 27 km until you reach Bogyoke Aung San Road. Continue for another 900 miles until you reach the vineyard that is located on the right.

2  Concha y Toro (Las Condes, Chile)

Vineyards outside Europe Concha Y Toro


The largest wine grower in Latin America has been in the winemaking industry since 1883. The vineyard in Chile is a legacy of Don Melchor Santiago de Concha y Toro which is strategically located 1 hour from the outskirts of Santiago. Aside from winemaking, the winery also offers tasting sessions and tours of the famous Casillero del Diablo or Devil’s Cellar.

Concha y Toro Wine Samples

Brace yourself to a remarkable wine treat with the different signature red and white wines under the trusted and celebrated wine brand in Chile.

Vineyards outside Europe Concha y Toro

  • Don Melchor (Cabernet Sauvignon)

The first Chilean wine icon, Don Melchor is a mainstay in the award-winning group of wine brands in the country, garnering the highest accolades and recognitions. One bottle of this Cabernet Sauvignon is a blend of 91% Cabernet Sauvignon and 9% Cabernet Franc grape varieties. The vineyard is in an ideal location with the best climate and soil blend while the wine bottle is aged for 15 months in top quality French oak barrels.

  • Subercaseaux Extra Brut (Sparkling)

The sparkling wine variety uses 85% chardonnay and 15% pinot noir, produced using the Charmat method in order to reveal a lighter and fruity side for a refreshing drink for any occasions.

How to get here: 

From the Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, you can take Ruta 70 for a 40-minute drive to reach Concha y Toro vineyard. Take Ruta 70 from Armando Cortinez Pte and the Armando Cortinez Oriente which is approximately 3.3km until you reach Puente Alto. Exit towards Dgo. Tocornal and Puente Alto from Acceso Sur which takes 29.0 km. Finally, take Sgto. Menadier, Pdte. Salvador Allende, and Av. Concha y Toro, going to Virginia Subercaseaux in Pirque.


3  Crystallum Wines (Hermanus, South Africa)

Vinyards outside Europe, Crystallum

The privately owned, family-run winery is based in South Africa, particularly the Walker Bay region, which started in 2007, producing 4,134 Sauvignon Blanc bottles on their launch. The vineyard cultivates world quality grapes that produce classic wines in the context of a new world yet reflects age-old and traditional winemaking.  It was on a fam trip that I got to visit different vineyards in South Africa.  I  also visited some vineyards in Stellenbosch.  Watch out for that blog later. 

Crystallum Wine Samples

The winery produces only 2 varieties of wine namely Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but the multiple vineyard blends along with a single-vineyard winemaking process make up the collection.

  • Cuvee Cinema Pinot Noir

Wine bottles in this collection include from the year 2008 to 2015, highlighting pure pinot fruit variety and hints of cherry, strawberry, and cassis. Along with the remarkable soil and climate, the Cuvee selection is aged in barrels for approximately 11 months.

  • Clay Shales Chardonnay

Made from the finest chardonnay grape variety, the wine is handcrafted straight from the vineyard to your cellar using classical and detailed winemaking methods. Bottles are barrel aged for 11 months with some varieties having fruit flavors of lemon zest, peach, melon, and apple to compliment the wood spice and butterscotch notes.

How to get here: 

From Cape Town International Airport, you can take N2 and R43 as the fastest route with the usual traffic in order to reach the winery. Get on N2/Settlers Way in Crossroads if you are from Borcherds Quarry Rd/M22 which is 3.4 km from N2 to Exit 90. Take another 71.6 km and follow R43 going to Harbour Rd. in Hermanus. Drive for another 26 minutes or 29.4 km until you reach Crystallum Wines.


4  Tablas Creek Vineyard (Paso Robles, CA)

Vineyards outside Europe, Tablas Creek

Tablas Creek Vineyard started in 1985 with the partnership of the Perrin family and Robert Haas, an established and longtime founder and importer of Vineyard Brands in Paso Robles, California. The 120-acre vineyard in hilly Las Tablas highlights a favorable climate, limestone soil, and rugged terrains, all combined to create the best American wine.

Tablas Creek Wine Samples

Produced from the highest quality grape varieties and cultivated in the perfect vineyard ambiance, the wine selections from Tablas Creek Vineyard are exceptionally elegant and satisfying. Here is a sample of the best collections according to color:

Vineyards outside Europe, Tablas Creek

  • 2008 Côtes de Tablas (Red)

The wine masterpiece is a combination of 4 Rhône varietals namely Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Counoise, all grown within the certified organic estate vineyard. The age-old vintage wine features the spice and fruitiness of Grenache, the Mourvèdre structure, the briary wildness of the Counoise varietal, and the mineral and spice of Syrah.

  • 2014 Patelin de Tablas Blanc (White)

There are 4 white varietals for this selection namely Roussanne, Viognier, Grenache Blanc, and Marsanne, all fruits are cultivated and harvested from the top 6 Rhone vineyards located in Paso Robles. The tropical and floral aroma of the wine is from the Viognier variety while the Grenache Blanc varietal offers a rich mouthfeel with the crisp acid aftertaste.

  • 2015 Dianthus (Rosè)

The rosè tradition highlights a blend of varietals that are estate-grown and cultivated from budwood cuttings. The southern Rhône tradition is incorporated with other two blends of Mourvèdre and Grenache to create the Dianthus blend.

How to get here: 

Tablas Creek Vineyard is just minutes away from the nearest airport, Oak Country Ranch Airport. Head northeast and go straight toward Fairhills Rd. which is 0.1 mi until you reach the right turn onto Fairhills Rd. Take another 0.3 mi then turn left onto Vineyard Drive. Take that direction for another 6.5 mi and turn left onto Adelaide Rd. where the destination is located on the left after a 0.3 mi drive.


5  Bodega Tapiz (Argentina)

Vineyards outside Europe Tapiz

The winemaker in Agrelo, Mendoza, Argentina carries on a tradition of creating wines with a multitude of vineyards with varying altitudes from 920 to 1,400m above sea level. The geographical location of the vineyards along with the ambiance from an impressive mountain range of the Andes becomes the unique characteristic of the bioclimatic characteristics of Bodega Tapiz.

Bodega Tapiz Wine Samples

Take a closer look at the samples of wine in the Bodega Tapiz collection, all with their unique features and characteristics as influenced by the diversity of the vineyards from which the grapes used for their production came from:

  • Joven Malbec 2015 (Red)

The varietal composition of this selection is 100% Malbec which originated from the Agrelo y Alto Agrelo, Mendoza vineyard. The wine offers red fruit, cherries, and plums aroma in a purplish red color, aged in oak barrels that add to the hint of vanilla and chocolate.

  • Tapiz Sauvignon Blanc 2016 (White)

From Los Nogales Estate, Uco Valley, Mendoza, this selection is 100% Sauvignon Blanc, handpicked and carefully processed to provide an aromatic intensity and structure that is designed for aged and premium wines.

How to get here: 

Located in Ruta 15 S/n Agrelo, Mendoza, Argentina, the fastest route from the nearest airport, Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport in Mendoza, Argentina during usual traffic is via RN40 which you can follow to Lujan de Cuyo. Exit towards C. Barrancas/Agrelo/Vizcacheras from RN40 which is 35 km before heading southwest on Acceso Norte, Autopista San Juan-Mendoza. Take the 2nd exit at the roundabout onto Autopista and continue to follow Av. Gdr. Ricardo Videla. Slightly right onto RN 40 ramp, take the ramp on the left and towards Acceso Sur and exit toward C. Barrancas.


6  Mission Hill Winery (British Columbia, Canada)


Vineyard outside Europe Mission Hill

The Mission Hill Family Estate is nestled in the bosom of British Columbia and located in the most panoramic wine country of Okanagan Valley. Experience the art of winemaking and communing with nature in the lush vineyards or you can explore the underground cellars just within the premises.

Mission Hill Winery Wine Samples

There are various collections in the Mission Hill wine portfolio, but the main selections are divided into 2 categories, the Red and White wines. Check out the available bottles of the best wine in the Canadian wine industry today:

Vineyard outside Europe Mission Hill

  • 2013 Perpetua (White)

From the Legacy Collection, this white wine is a blend of the finest grape varietals harvested from the eastern Osoyoos vineyard estates. The historic French Burgundian Dijon varietal clones are the main ingredients for this masterpiece, offering a unique aromatic and flavorful profile. The rich and creamy textures are finely blended into the bright acidity of lemon curd, pear, and baking spice flavors.

  • 2012 Oculus (Red)

The Oculus Bordeaux-style wine came from an intricate selection of grapes from different vineyard blocks that have been cultivated for this specific purpose. Hand-picked and hand-sorted grape varietals include the ones from the Oculus blocks located in the eastern Osoyoos which comprise 94% and the Oliver block for the remaining 6% of the blend. Aged in French oak barrels, the red wine offers a deep and complex taste with fruity and rich notes of boysenberry, blackberry, and plum.

How to get here: 

Located in West Kelowna, BC, Canada, Mission Hill Family Estate Winery is reachable by air with regular flights from Air Canada and West Jet. From different western destinations to the Kelowna airport, you can drive by car through taking the southbound direction. Cross Highway 97 or the WR Bennett Bridge and when you reach Boucherie Road, turn left. Take another 5 km down the Boucherie Road then turn right towards Mission Hill Road to the topmost regions of the hill where Mission Hill Winery is strategically located.

Vineyard outside Europe

Vineyards and wines are perennially interrelated to each other. Wine connoisseurs and travelers who love to explore must-see places while enjoying a sip of red, white, or rosè wines will experience the time of their life in the greatest vineyards in the world outside Europe.

In Europe, I have visited some vineyards as well.  One of my favourites is Bodegas Mendoza located in Albir in Spain.  Read about it here:

Bodegas Mendoza in Albir



Great Vineyards Outside Europe
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Great Vineyards Outside Europe
Check out the latest and fast-becoming frontrunners in the field of winemaking and vineyard cultivation in general.

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