La La Lampeland and NSB Brewery

I took a flight with Turkish Airways to Istanbul recently and on that flight I watched a film called La La Land.  The title of that film came to mind when I arrived this place in Norway called Lampeland.  The movie was a feel-good movie and that was how I felt when I arrived Lampeland and checked-in at the Lampeland Hotel.

It was like visiting somebody else’s home.  When you enter, you go through the “living room” which is set-up as a boutique.   It did not feel like they were selling me something.  The merchandise was placed in such a way that it was very inviting to have a look.

The reception area

Lampeland resepsjon

Lampeland in english means land of lamps.  The place did not dissapoint.  Their main road was lined with lamps.   This place is about a 2 + hour drive from Oslo.  A great weekend getaway if you like to go out in the woods or hike in the mountains.

The main road is lined with red lamps like this. 


We got nice rooms with great decor.  Along the corridor on the way to their rooms, there is a table with “Energy Buffet”.  It is filled with nuts, berries, dried fruits, and fresh fruits.  They also had energy bars which were really good.  A pit stop to recharge yourself.

Energy Buffet

Lampeland Hotel


2017 is the Year of Sustainable Tourism and it is always a great thing to see that a lot of players in the industry support this.  Some hotels, like Lampeland Hotel started using eco-friendly products long before the year of sustainable tourism.

Eco-friendly products are provided for the guests

Lampeland, year of sustainable tourism

The restaurant chef at the hotel is keen on providing good food with only the best ingredients sourced locally.  For dinner, we had the following:


Beetroot cured salmon

Horseradish cream

Butter-fried garlic toast

Main course

Braised deer

Oven-baked vegetables, Brussel sprouts, beetroot puré

Creamed game sauce

Boiled potatoes


Sour pana cotta served with raspberry salad

The kitchen served us wine with the courses and each wine was carefully selected to complement the food.  Such a great combination.  The wine, though, was not local.  It was an Australian wine from Hardys.

If you like the outdoors, Lampeland has a lot of places for you.   There are enough hiking trails in the mountains or in the woods.  You can also see the following in the surrounding areas:

  • Svene church
  • Flesberg stave church
  • Lyngdal church
  • Dåset bygdetun
  • Vinoren silver mines

There is an interesting project with NSB (Numedal Stasjons Bryggeri AS).   They made five different local brews and they are the following:

  • Rødberg, IPA 4,7%
  • Rollag, Brown ale 4,7%
  • Nore, Ellen ale 4,7%
  • Flesberg, Stout 4,7%
  • Lampeland, Pale ale 4,7%

Because Lampeland is a tourist place, their shops are allowed to be open on Sundays.  If you are driving an electric car, they also have a charging station with place for 8 cars, 6 of which are for Teslas.

Charging station for electric cars

Lampeland ladestasjon

Based in Norway and like to know about these local beers? Read this post in Norwegian. 

I hope you would come visit Lampeland when you get the chance.  A great excursion if you are passing by Oslo.


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