Fun and Options… Simply MORE In The Philippines!

In a tiny cornein South East Asia, you can find an archipelago of 7,100 islands that combine together to form one of the most beautiful countries on Earth— the Philippines.

Philippines Flag

The country is a tropical island which makes it instantly one of the favorite vacation spots of Westerners who are used to colder climate. Tourists continuously flock to the Philippines as there are so many things you can see and do no matter the month or date that you choose!  This is a destination for all, whatever your budget. 

white sandy beaches Philippines

The Philippines is home to several luscious beaches ranging from relaxation escape islands to hardcore party islands (Boracay! Whutttt!). There are also a multitude of mountains with exciting terrain for your hiking pleasures and breathtaking landscapes once you reach the peak. Wonders found in underground lakes, man made rice terraces, and chocolate hills that never fails to amaze even the skeptics. If you feel brave enough, you can swim with giant whale sharks, or cruise a zipline down the highest bridge in the country, or you can venture into cuisine that’ll make you cringe like worms and fried roaches! Those are just the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more that the country can offer to anyone who has a taste for life’s pleasures and adventures.

diving in the philippines

The remarkable thing about this country is that with 7,100 islands, you have that many options to choose your next adventure. Every place is unique with its own culture, language, cuisine, environment, monuments, landmarks, and you get to be exposed to a variety of worlds within the Philippines. Whatever your budget is, you can still maximize your time in the country. Whether you want top of the line luxury, budgeted down to your last cent, or basic essentials, the Philippines still continue to give and give and give! This beautiful country will overload your senses with an array of options that will do nothing but give you one of the best travel experiences that you can get.

I could go on and on and on and on and say more words about how amazing the Philippines is, but I think it’d be best to leave you with this amazing video from their Department of Tourism. What are you waiting for? Include this Asian gem in your bucketlist now! I know you want to! 

I will be uploading some suggested itineraries in the Philipines since I have travelled all over the country as well. As a diver, I will aslo be writing about great diving places here.

Check out the section suggested itineraries from time to time.  If you plan to visit the Philippines as a group or for an event or conference, drop me a line.  I can help you with that.


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