Norway 101. The land that is powered by nature.


Norway 101 is for you who have not been to Norway before. It can also be for those who have been here and need a refresher as to where to go and what to do.  This is my home for several years now and this land never seizes to amaze me.  Planning a group tour to Norway?  Feel free to request for a quote. 

Edvard Munch, scream
Scream painting by Edvard Munch

For most people, Norway sounds so distant. Far and unfamiliar and mystical. Most people think of Norway as a place where one goes to enjoy winter activities.  But it is a great destination the whole year.

Vigeland Park
Vigeland Park

I would categorise trips to Norway by purpose and by time of year.   Both can be used whether you are here on private holiday, on a business trip, or for a meeting/conference/seminar.  My categories are based on my experience as a travel agent.

By purpose, I would further divide it to: Mountains and fjords,  City Experience, Coastline,  and Northern Lights/Northern Norway.

By time of year, I would divide it only into two: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.  This is because the high season is summer and this is when we get the  most tourists into the country.   Those travellers who want to visit Norway without paying the high cost of visiting in summer, do so by visiting towards the end of spring.  Winter because we have great winter activities and then there are those who want to come here when it is not too cold so they visit during autumn.


The most common gateways to the mountains and fjords are Bergen and Stavanger.   Both cities have direct flights from abroad, so you may fly to either Bergen og Stavanger first.  You can do a tour amongst mountains and fjords and then take a short flight to Oslo to catch your flight home.   Read my post about Stavanger to give you an idea what to do there.  I also have a post about Bergen which gives you an idea of what you can do here.  Be sure to also check out also my post Rock Star if you want to visit great rock formations.

Pulpits Rock



The major cities for short breaks in Norway are the following: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Tromsø and Kristiansand.  If you are traveling here for the first time on a private holiday, you most probably will choose Oslo as your destination.  For meetings, conference and exhibitions, all the six cities have the infrastructure you need to have a successful event.  Need help with this?  Send me an email with as much information as possible.

Oslo Opera
Oslo Opera

Whatever your purpose, do visit Oslo as either your first or last stop after a tour around the country.   Oslo can be done on a budget.  I have a post with some suggestions and you may read it here.

Majority of visitors get into Norway by air.  Flights into Norway have improved the last few years and one can visit the country relatively easy wherever you may come from.

From the US, there are direct flights with Norwegian and SAS.   From Asia, there are also direct flights with Norwegian and Thai Airways from Oslo to Bangkok. You also have others with great connections like Finnair, KLM, Emirates, and Qatar.

You would may also want to visit Oslo, the capital.  If you are coming in the summer, the prices for tickets would be more expensive. It can also be expensive during the holidays and school breaks.  The best time to come would be during the off peak seasons where accomodation and travel can be a breeze, not so much tourists and no price hikes for tickets.


You have probably heard of the Coastal Cruise, the world’s most beautiful cruise.   Hurtigruten is the name of the cruise line that plies the magnificent coastline of Norway.  This cruise provides you with nature overload without getting tired of it.  At the end of the cruise, you would be wanting more.  If you feel that the round trip is too long, you can take shorter trips.  Send me an email. 

Hurtigruten (Coastal Cruise)

his is the land of the Vikings who sailed the world once.  The Norwegian thrive in water and there are a lot of water activities for everyone here.

Paddling at Kjerringoy

One can do both freshwater and deep sea fishing in Norway.

Fishing in Tromsø
Fishing in Tromsø



Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights is one of the most popular natural events you can see in Norway. As this is a natural phenomenon, sight of it can never be guaranteed, even during the best season.

The Northern Lights above Tromsø

I took the Coastal Cruise to Tromsø.  As I mentioned above, if you feel that the roundtrip cruise from Bergen – Kirkenes – Bergen is too long, you can also take the half roundtrip, either Bergen-Kirkenes or Kirkenes-Bergen.  Tromsø is a great place to chase Aurora.  Actually, any place in North Norway is a great place to hunt the Northern Lights.

If you only have a week to spare and don’t mind a hectic schedule, check out my suggested itinerary for Norway first-timers who want to “see it all”.  It is compact and will give you an insight to the rest of the country.  Or get in touch if you have any questions.   Do you plan to have a group tour to Norway?  Request for a quote. 



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