Rock Star in Norway – hiking to Troll’s Tounge, Pulpit Rock, and Kjerag

Trolltunga, Trolls Lounge

These rock formations are so beautiful and you have to see it to believe it.  If hiking and the outdoors were never your thing before, then I recommend to join a guided tour group.  Norwegians grew up hiking and they can hike and climb these rocks like a breeze.  But for others, the hike can be VERY demanding.

You also need the following:  a good backpack to carry essentials, good hiking shoes with ankle support (do NOT use new ones), water-resistant clothes, gloves, extra pair of wool socks, beanie, wool underwear, fleece jacket, water (lots!), compeed, sunglasses, sunblock, food (energy bars and sandwiches), camera, battery pack for your gadgets.

This suggested itinerary starts in the city of Stavanger.  This picture above is from CNTraveler.

Want an introduction to Norway first?  Please read my blog post on Norway 101.

The season for Troll’s Tounge (Trolltunga)  is July 1 – August 31.  The season for Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) is April 16 – September 30.  Depending on the weather, I advise you to take caution.  Always check the weather before leaving and get prepared for changing weather during your hike.  Use very good hiking shoes and bring food and water.  Oh and don’t forget your camera.



Day 1.  

You start at Fiskepirterminalen in Stavanger, where you take a boat to Tau, then a bus to the Pulpit Rock Cabin.  This trip from Stavanger will take around an hour. Check times here.  The price is NOK 330 per person one way.  You can also buy a roundtrip ticket which is cheaper.  Roundtrip from Stavanger – Pulpit Rick is from NOK 580 per person.  There are no student discounts.  Buy a roundtrip ticket only if you are not proceeding to Troll’s Tounge.

Picture from Visit Norway

From the Pulpit Rock Cabin, the distance you will be hiking is 6 kilometers and it may take around 4 hours roundtrip.   You get to see a wonderful view of the Lysefjord.   And you will also see a lot of tourist specially during the peak season which is June to August.

Depending on what time of day you arrive, you may go hiking straight away,  Otherwise, you may want to stay overnight at the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge.   This lodge offers a fantastic view.  They have hotel facilities (en-suite toilet, restaurant) and for the more adventurous, camp facilities by the water, mountain or forest.  They also have conference facilities for small groups.  If you need help with this, send me an e-mail.

Spend a night or two at the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge.  Then off you go for your bus trip to Troll’s Tounge.

Overnight at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge includes breakfast.


Day 2.

You take the Tide Preikestolen express bus which leaves at 14.45 hours from the Pulpit Rock parking lot.  The trip takes around 5 hours.  And yes, the trip is worth it.  There is also a ferry ride included to stretch your legs and move around a bit. The ferry ride is between Hjelmeland and Nesvik.   Price is from NOK 695 per adult per way.  You arrive Tyssedal at 19.30 hours.  It is summer so it will still be bright enough to go around and take in magnificent views of the Hardanger Fjord.


Picture from Visit Norway
Picture from Visit Norway

The Tyssedal Hotel only has 26 rooms so book in advance. They also have conference facilities if your group wants to combine meeting and team-building. If you need help with this, send me an e-mail.

Picture from Tyssedal Hotel
Picture from Tyssedal Hotel

The hike to the tip of the Troll’s Tounge can be anywhere from 8 – 12  hours.  Have a hearty dinner and get a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow is a long day.

Overnight at Tyssedal Hotel also includes breakfast.

Day 3

Put on comfortable clothes and good hiking shoes.  Bring a backpack where you can also put an extra jacket as the weather can change along the way.  Check the weather before you leave.  You also have to take your own food and water for the day.  Don’t forget your sunscreen (or hat)  and most especially your camera.


For this day, I recommend that you join a group.  The group tour includes a 7-kilometer bike ride and starts at the tourist information in Skjeggedal.  Although no previous hiking experience is required, you should be in good physical form. This includes mountain biking, steep hiking and climbing.

Trolltunga, Trolls Lounge
Picture from CNTraveler

After a long day, unwind with a tour around the area, have a wonderful dinner and you will definitely sleep well tonight.

Overnight at Tyssedal Hotel includes breakfast.


Day 4

Take the coastal ferry from Rosendal in Hardanger to Bergen.

From Bergen you can take a train back to Oslo.  If you want a scenic route, then I suggest to take Norway’s most popular tourist train ride, the Norway in a nutshell.  You may also take a flight back to Oslo.

If you wish, you can stay a day or two in Bergen.  Check out my post about Bergen.




Picture from Visit Norway

You may also want to extend your stay in  Stavanger and do one more rock, Kjerag.  But if you do not have the time, then I prefer the Preikestolen and Troll’s Tounge.  Choose whatever interests you.   Just remember that Kjerag is easily reached from Stavanger.  The three rocks mentioned in this post are great places to hike.   

If you decide to go back to Kjerag after Preikestolen, then that is also doable.   The trip from Stavanger is about 5 hours roundtrip. The bus departs at 07.30 from track 5 of the Stavanger bus terminal. Double check as tracks may change. The bus goes to Øygardstøl arriving there at 10.45.  This is where the hike to Kjerag starts.  The bus returns to Stavanger at 16.45 arriving at the bus terminal at 19.00.  Roundtrip fares is from NOK 550 per adult. This is not a guided tour so you are responsible for your own well-being.  Make sure you have enough food, water, sunscreen or a hat and extra warm clothes or light clothes.

If you want to join an organised group tour, check here. 

You may want to read Norway 101.  The Land Powered by Nature.


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