Sherlock, KLM’s new employee. He barks!

Some of us have left stuff on the plane. Perhaps we were in a rush, jet lagged, or just forgetful. KLM, the Dutch airline, has launched this week a marketing campaign featuring Sherlock, a beagle who is their mascot for this campaign.

Sherlock will symbolize the airline’s commitment to service for its passengers.  He is part of the Lost and Found Team  at Schiphol, KLM’s hub in Amsterdam.

And yes, as we live in the social media era,  Sherlock has a video on YouTube:

The beagle is said to be one of the most smell-effective dogs in the world. It is therefore common to see them in place where there is a potential for a lot of forgotten items, like an airport.

The ad was made by and agency “to illustrate that KLM goes above and beyond” to help their passengers. Although this is just an ad, it went viral as if Sherlock was part of a team.

Anyway, nice ad! And for KLM, nice way to treat Sherlock. You really have a heart. That’s why we love you.






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