The Tastiest Budget Burger In Town

Like fashion, food can be also subject to trends.  What is popular now will perhaps not be trendy the next day.  However, there are some items on the menu that is always popular no matter where the restaurant is, no matter how plain the place is.  This item is the burger.  It comes in many sizes and names and shapes and prices.

Good burgers doesn’t have to be expensive.  These burger places I am writing about here are where almost everyone can afford to eat.  No fancy places. Just good burgers.  So here are the best places in town where you can get a good burger at a friendly price.   Since I lived in these cities, I chose to write about the best burgers in New York, Manila and Oslo.


5 Napkin Burger,  150 E 14th Street, New York 10003, +1 212-228-5500

Ideal for those who plan to have a quick meal before or right after a Broadway show.  They have one ideally located in the Theatre District of Manhattan.  I used to frequent the one on Union Square when I was studying at New York University, but they have several locations as well.  Check their website.  I like the original 5 napkin and the Inside out.



Photo from 5 Napkin Burger
Photo from 5 Napkin Burger


Joe Jr, 167 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003, +1 212-473-5150

If you want a good old-fashioned style plain burger, Joe Jr is the place to go.  A very unpretentious place, but with a burger that feeds your soul.


Donovan’s Pub, 57-24 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY 11377,  +1 718-429-9339

It is a pub serving burger, among others.  Their burger beast has very crispy bacon and American cheese on it.  Plain-looking, typical of a lot of pub burgers.  Comes even with extra grease, but as soon as you take the first bite, then you’ll realise why this is one of the best burgers in New York.


Burger Company1103 Sct. Reyes St, Diliman, Quezon City,  +63 2 949 2269

Casual dining in Quezon City.  I hope that they open up a branch in Makati.  Do try the Ribshack

Burger Company


Zark’s Burger, 2464 Taft Ave, Malate, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, +63 2 392 1211

Tombstone Zarks Burgers

One of their bestselling burgers is the Jackhammer.  See picture above.  If you still have enough space in our stomach, try their Jackhammer cheeseburger.  Or come back another day for it.

Beef X (Big B Burgers)44 Magiting, Diliman, Quezon City.

Their specialty burger is 50% bacon and 50% beef.  Foreigners will not understand this, but another signature burger is the Bam Burger which is beef and spam. Yes, the american canned meat-loaf.  Filipinos love spam and they love burgers.



Munchies, Torggata 18, 0181 Oslo, Norway, +47 970 19 787

They now have three locations in Oslo: Torggata, Grunnerløkka and Solli Plass.  Very simple and casual burger joint. If you can’t decide what you want, go for the burger of the month.

Døgnvill BurgerMaridalsveien 13, 0178 Oslo, Norway, +47 21 38 50 10

Located in a very hip area called Vulkan.  It is just by the entrance of Mathallen.  A casual place to meet with friends, colleagues or family.  Imaginative burger menu that tastes good. I love their Chipotle.  Ask for extra salsa.

Døgnvill burger Chipotle


Illegal BurgerMøllergata 23, 0179 Oslo, Norway, +47 22203302

Expect lines here before the doors open for business.  Make sure that everyone in your group eats burgers because that is the only thing on the menu.  Different kinds of burgers.  It is almost like street food, but indoors.  You smell the grill, the waiting is long and there are no forks and knives.  You get your burger wrapped in paper and eat with your hands, but that is part of the experience.


Houligan’s,  1643 US-1 Highway North Ormond Beach, 32174, +1 386-671-2285 

1110 W Granada Blvd ·

This is the first time I was asked by a restaurant how I want my burger.  You can have your biff patty done like your steak:  medium, rare and well-done.   I tried the black and blue, and it is because I like blue cheese.  This is probably not for you if you don’t like the taste of blue cheese. I ate my burger with some Wally Wings and fries, and my stomach was in heaven afterwards.


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