Great Vineyards Outside Europe

Vineyards are almost always associated with Europe but contemporary winemaking leads you to more expounded and diversified directions around the world. In the recent years, more and more amazing vineyards have been cultivated and now flourished outside Europe and it is a welcomed trend among wine enthusiasts. Now you can think of vineyards and wine…

8 Rooftop bars in the Big Apple

New York is full of skyscrapers.  But not all skyscrapers are created equal. That is, from a diner’s point of view.  I made a list of some of the New York’s best rooftop dining experience.  Spectacular views, good food, creative drinks, good service.  And we shall refrain from talking about prices.  This is New York….

Bodegas Mendoza in Albir

At least once a year, we visit Albir in Alfaz del Pi along the Costa Blanca coast in Spain.  We have been doing it for several years and our daily routines are pretty much the same each time.  On of our trips, I came upon an article in the newspaper about wine that is made…

Alcoholica Exotica: 10 of the World’s ‘National Drinks’

Either officially, or unofficially, every country has their very own ‘National Drink’. Some have such deep cultural and traditional origins, while others have more a more simplistic significance. Despite their backgrounds, it is always fascinating to learn about alcoholic beverages, especially when some call it the “Nectar of the Gods” or even “Water of Life”.

Going Global in Manila

Back in the day a typical restaurant fare in Manila usually consists of either Chinese, American, Italian, or Filipino food. However, with the sudden boom of food culture in the Philippines, you can find a ton of restaurants serving different types of food from all over the globe. Here are some of the best ones:…