Basking in the Glory of Bohol, Philippines

Basking in the Glory of Bohol: A Luscious Experience in the Philippines As you may have observed, majority of my entries usually pertain to tourist spots in provinces with wider landscapes. Previously, we got the chance to do island hopping and find ourselves diving into heart of marine ecosystems such as in Panay Group of…

5 Filipino Food that You Should Definitely Try!

Above all else, is food- that is what I’ve found out over the many years I travelled. Food has its way to immerse you to a wide array of colors and emotions, of people, or even an entire culture. It is the perfect cap to the already ecstatic feeling brought by travelling, and most importantly,…

Top Winter Cruise Destinations

Guest Blogg by: Annaliza Balsote A warm, sunny cruise sounds so good in the middle of a cold, damp winter! It’s a wonderful escape that can provide all kinds of great memories. You’ll have a chance to shop, soak up sunshine, explore historic places, and view spectacular natural landscapes.

Food tripping in China

Food-Tripping in China: 10 Food Destinations You Mustn’t Miss on Your Next China Holiday Lots of Westerners think they know Chinese food. You really can’t blame them for it. Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, thanks to the presence of Chinese immigrants in nearly every country.