Discovering 7 Castles in America

You or someone you know love history, myths, castles and legends. We immediately think og Europe. The classical destinations of Paris, London, Germany, Austria and eastern Europe with Castles from medieval times come to mind. A good example is the Belvedere Castle in Austria which attracts several travelers all-year-round.

Bahamas. A playground for grown-ups.

My hubby and I went to the Bahamas after spending a week in Florida.  We took a short flight from Miami to Nassau and was fetched by a lady with a colourful personality who drove a very gray van.  A charming conversationalist, she made us easily forget the traffic we had to go through.  …

8 Rooftop bars in the Big Apple

New York is full of skyscrapers.  But not all skyscrapers are created equal. That is, from a diner’s point of view.  I made a list of some of the New York’s best rooftop dining experience.  Spectacular views, good food, creative drinks, good service.  And we shall refrain from talking about prices.  This is New York….

Happy Thanksgiving and why we eat turkey to celebrate it

Having gone through a very major and delicate operation very recently, I have become more grateful than ever before for life.  For me, everyday from now on is thanksgiving day. “HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OUR AMERICAN FRIENDS AND THOSE WHO CELEBRATE THIS DAY AROUND THE WORLD”  A lot of families have probably started preparing their…