Travel Tips March 2019

Starting March 2019, I will be writing about travel tips for you.  These tips are either something that came out of experience, or from the experience other friends/colleagues/relatives/followers.  Here are travel tips for March 2019. If you have any travel tips you want to share, please send me an e-mail.

Theme Parks in Asia Part 1

Top 10 Theme Parks in Asia Part 1 Asia is one of the best places to be in to explore for people of all ages. It’s a wide are to cover, I know for sure. But once you’re there, you’ll feel the urge to take on the challenge. Theme parks in Asia are primary destinations…

Food tripping in China

Food-Tripping in China: 10 Food Destinations You Mustn’t Miss on Your Next China Holiday Lots of Westerners think they know Chinese food. You really can’t blame them for it. Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, thanks to the presence of Chinese immigrants in nearly every country.

The Utter Perfection of Albay

In one look, the Philippines is a country that is inspired by a simplistic lifestyle reflected by the humbleness of its domains. You would wonder why it has become a primary spot for tourists all across the globe. But all of this is because underneath its plainness and humility, it hides marvels that can literally…

Great Vineyards Outside Europe

Vineyards are almost always associated with Europe but contemporary winemaking leads you to more expounded and diversified directions around the world. In the recent years, more and more amazing vineyards have been cultivated and now flourished outside Europe and it is a welcomed trend among wine enthusiasts. Now you can think of vineyards and wine…