Travel Tips April 2019

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I will be writing a set of travel tips per month.  Some of them come from suggestions from others.  While some are from my experience when traveling.

Here are my travel tips for this month:

  1. Invest in good walking shoes. Those cute, glamorous shoes may look good on Instagram, but a pain when walking around while traveling.
  2. Those hop-on, hop-off busses may sound so “touristy” for you, but they are a great means of transportation around the city as well.  You save time and money trying to look for the sites.  The person on board is also a great source of information and help when you need assistance in finding a certain place.
  3. When arriving late at your destination, book transfer before you leave your country.  It may be expensive, but getting into a car when you arrive way past midnight is such a comfort.  You do not need to find a taxi, nor do you need to compete with other passengers for a taxi.
  4. Invest in a good travel pillow, specially if you mostly travel economy class.  They a relief to your neck and keeps your head in place.
  5. Download this app:  It works even without wifi and such a blessing when you are lost and do not speak the language.

Keep on traveling.


Travel Tips April 2018
Article Name
Travel Tips April 2018
These are my travel tips for April 2018.

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