Travel tips for May/June 2019

Travel tips May

I will be writing a set of travel tips every two months.  Some of them come from suggestions from others.  While some are from my experience when traveling.

Here are my tips for May and June 2019:

1 If you will be taking a walk alone, have your key ring with you inside your pockets. Walk with one hand holding it. Your keys can be used as a weapon if you are attacked.

2 Always charge your battery pack before you travel. It is not always a given that there are electric outlets in some transit airports.

3 Take a picture of your luggage before checking in. In case it gets lost, it is easier for the ground personnel to write a correct description of your suitcase.

4 Take a picture of your passport and send it to yourself by email. If in case you lose your passport, you have that easily accessible.

5 Drink lots of water on the plane before landing. Again, it is not a given that there is bottled water at the airport where you land. Or perhaps the shops are closed when you arrive.

Keep on travelling.

Travel tips for May 2019
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Travel tips for May 2019

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