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Starting March 2019, I will be writing about travel tips for you.  These tips are either something that came out of experience, or from the experience other friends/colleagues/relatives/followers.  Here are travel tips for March 2019. If you have any travel tips you want to share, please send me an e-mail.

1.  Do not take with you those hotel keycard sleeves (pouches).  

When you check in at a hotel, they usually give you a card and a sleeve where you can put it in.  It may have the hotel logo and address on it.  On this sleeve, they write your room number and sometimes your last name.  A great way for you to remember your room number and the address of your hotel.  However, if your bag or purse gets snatched and you have your hotel keycard and sleeve inside, then you are just giving free access of your room to dishonest persons.  If you lose it, inform the reception when you get back to the hotel and ask to be guided to your room.  It is bad enough to lose your card.  Getting to your room with a thief inside is even worse.  Take a picture of your room number on your phone and discard the sleeve.  You are most likely to guard your phone than your purse.

2.  Take an empty water bottle when traveling.

You can take an empty water bottle through security.  By now you already also know how expensive they sell bottled water at airports.  Not to mention that buying bottled water each time means more plastic to throw.   It more environmental-friendly since you will be reusing your water bottle several times.

3.  Take with you wet-towels when travelling outside of the big cities.

Some places outside the big cities do not have water nor paper at their toilets.  Think hygiene and sanitation.  Those wet-towels serve several purposes.  Among others:   to clean your hands when there is no water, to use as toilet paper when there is no paper, to refreshen your skin when the air is dry, to clean a stain on your clothes, plus a lot more.

4.  Send a copy of your passport and all your travel documents to yourself using a sky-based e-mail account. Or upload everything on Google Drive. 

This has saved me a couple of times.  When I have a group with me, I make a copy of their passports and travel documents.  When my bag is lost, then I can go to an internet cafe and print out hotel vouchers, restaurant vouchers, passport copy for those whose passport was stolen, etc.  Saves a lot of time when you have all the details easily reachable. I usually send myself an e-mail, but lately, I upload everything on Google Drive.  Use a method you are comfortable with as long as it is easily accessible. Just remember that not all places have an internet cafe so check out Google Drive.

5.  Enroll in a mileage bonus program.  One per alliance will do.

We travel more now and to newer destinations.  This means that we travel with different airlines.   A lot of airlines are part of an alliance.  Being a member of a mileage bonus program can have its advantages.  However, being a member of every airline’s bonus program is not the way to rack up on these advantages.  Choose instead to be a member of one airline in that alliance.  For example, I live in Norway and for Star alliance, I am enrolled on Eurobonus.  For One World alliance, I am enrolled on British Airways.  For Sky team, I am enrolled on KLM’s program.  You earn mileage on these programs even if you use another airline on the same alliance.  Lesser cards to think about and when you check on your mileage, you need to go to one site only.  Time saved.

6.  Every time you are looking for some flight deals, clear the cookies on your browser.

Everybody leaves a digital trace when you are online.  We have a tendency to check on the same destination, the same sites, the same airlines. We do this on multiple sites.  Some sites may leave a cookie that records your behavior and might do some adjustments based on your search history.  For example, if you search for Bahamas 20 times in the last few weeks, then you are very interested in the Bahamas and some sites might bump the price because you are most likely to book a trip there.

7.  On arrival at your destination, check if they have pocket wifi.

This does not apply if you are in Europe and travelling within Europe since roaming is included on most telephone subscriptions anyway.  With a pocket wifi, you have wifi with you everywhere in the country you are travelling to, and at a fraction of the cost compared to roaming charges.

Watch out for April travel tips.  Please send in your suggestions if you have any.  

Keep on traveling.


Travel Tips for March 2018
Article Name
Travel Tips for March 2018
Starting March 2018, I will be writing about travel tips for you. These tips are either something that came out of experience, or from the experience other friends/colleagues/relatives/followers. Here are travel tips for March 2018. If you have any travel tips you want to share, please send me an e-mail.

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