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What’s In the Bag: An Introduction

Travelling is the most wonderful thing you can give yourself. And I can attest to this over and over. Maybe you, yourself have proved the same thing with your own travels. At any time or any age, journeying through new places proves to be a rejuvenating experience, a series of tantalizing moments, and often, a rebirth. What’s truly astounding is that this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what it can give you personally and spiritually.

Some people just need a bathing suit, a beach towel and flip-flops.

As much as I would like to provide general rules or guidelines with regards to travelling, the reality is there are none. Although we both try to conquer the world with every plane ride and bus stop, you and I are still two different people who want different things and desire different experiences. We have our own preferences. And you know what, its totally fine. I have come to realize that while similarities in our travels may be a merry product of chance, there are disparities with what we have experienced or what we want to experience in the future.

For this reason, I felt that I needed to let others know the people who share the same wanderlust as we both have. In this way, I am not the only person who can share my experiences and tips with regards to travelling. Maybe these people I have met and talked with can share to you their experiences, what they did, and show you a glimpse of their own personalities.

Tell me what’s in your luggage and I’ll tell you what kind of traveller you are.

One way to know a person is by checking the contents of their bags. In terms of travelers like us, the same logic applies. That is why in this series of articles I will be publishing, I will be talking to people who I’ve met and tell you a little something about the contents of their suitcases. Besides, there aren’t just one type of traveler, right?

I am quite excited to let you all know the people I have interviewed. I hope that in the following days, you will get to know these people not only according to their bags, but what type of travelers they are, and how they get to enjoy the thrill and excitement of travelling! Here is a sneak peek of some of the characters of the people I have been with, and the profiles I gave them in my articles soon to be published. Later on, I’ll introduce them to you and let you see some photos in their escapades!

The Adventurer’s Gear

Adventurers like to carry their luggage on their back.

Robert Frost may have had too much influence on this type of people because the “road not taken” is usually where they will be. The adventurer makes sure that his diving kits are packed and his rubbers neatly placed in his shoe bags. This character packs his things in a bag pack, ready to tread parts of the unknown! Are you this type of person? Then the adventurer’s gear is perfect for you! Take a bite on the Adventurer’s Gear article as I interview a person with the liking for the extreme! Maybe you’ll get some good tips on how to pack for an adventure of a lifetime! Stay tuned!


Staycation Effects

Staying with family and friends is a great way to catch up.

There are times when the breeze is too dry and the waters are too calm. No worries, you can always go on your own Staycation. Feeling bored but your feet giddy to travel? Staycations are not as boring as you imagine it is. In fact, it is enticing like you’ve never known! With the right packing and supplies, you’ll find yourself relishing the experience! The Staycation Effects article will bless your soul. Hear out one of the people I met and get advice on how to pack for yourself, or if you’re going with a partner or with the family, for groups! Get good advice from an expert. Just maybe, you’ll ask for more!



Fashionistas love to travel and they love fashion.

Who says you can’t dress up in summer? Who says you can’t take away a little fabric in the snows? When you travel, you bring yourself and your personality. Don’t forget your wardrobe. Emanate your inner fashionista with my article, Fashionista Suitcase! I’ve interviewed a great individual with an even greater sense of fashion that will surely make you want to get your OOTD (OUTFIT OF THE DAY) packed and ready. Relish in the summer time’s warm caress with your favorite bikini or trunks. Listen good, you might get yourself a great advice on what color of bikini or trunks to wear! On another note, express yourself more with wonderful tips from a true blooded chic! What else is there to say? Tune in for more!


Lone Wolf Package

Some people travel alone on some trips. I do, too.

There comes a time when travelling alone is the best thing in the world. Don’t worry, while you may be a good lone wolf, you aren’t alone. There are many people who have come before you who finds freedom and fun in meeting new people and travelling alone. And if ever you’re wanting solace in solitude for your own, remember that there is nothing wrong with a little isolation from time to time. Take time to read one of the testimonials of one of the people I’ve met in his pursuit of finding himself while he travels. With his good old bag, he packs the essentials he needs to fit the everyday necessity of a strong lone wolf. There’s a good chance you might get some interesting tips and ways to go about doing your travelling solo!


Partier’s Stuff

Party people need their party clothes when they travel.

For other people, the party never stops. The rave and the scene is something that every traveler including you and I are craving for. This is why we need to get our hands on to the important stuff to get the best out of our energies and party all night! The Partier’s Stuff article will delve in on the things that you might need when you want to get yourself the best party of your life! Hear out an experienced partier I’ve talked with and digest some of the tips he tells you on your way to a great vibe!

I am really excited to let you know the people behind these characters. This is what I’ve lined up so far, and I have a lot more in store for this article series. Don’t forget to check out what I’ve prepared for you this season! Love lots!




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What's in the bag
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What's in the bag
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